Being the youngest sibling

Being the “youngest sibling” comes up with many advantages as well as disadvantages…
Being born as the youngest one means you are the most pampered and loved child among your siblings. The best part of being youngest is that you always have the best person to advice you, to give meaningful suggestions and helps you to take correct decisions in your life . You always have the best person with you as a support system. Wishes and demands of the youngest one is kept at the topmost position in the priority list and is fulfilled at its earliest , regardless of the circumstances.
Learning from your older sibling mistakes is one of the rewarding advantages. As the youngest you are able to observe and understand the mistakes being made and the consequences that come with it. These consequences helps you to learn the ropes and the buttons not to  push.
Youngest ones are treated as a kid and are offered help and advice by their elder siblings when they get stuck in any worst conditions. Being born as the youngest means that your older sibling pave the way for you.
It is easy for parents to compare their youngest one with the elder sibling in terms of academics and extra curricular activities. These comparisons makes situations a bit complex for the youngest one as it
prevents them from fulfilling their parents expectation and sometimes creates feeling of jealousy among siblings. It should be kept under consideration that every child is unique and as a result their capabilities are different from each other, so they can’t be compared.
As a younger child you always have a sharing partner, starting from food to sharing the best and worst moments of your life with your older sibling. This is a very great feeling indeed, snatching or stealing the valuable things of your elder brother or sister is an awesome feeling., its like winning a war. Elder sibling are the best friends of younger ones .. as rightly said” PARTNERS IN CRIME”

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Jigyasa Singh June 19, 2018 at 12:30 am

Being the eldest in my family and the youngest at the in laws place, I can totally relate to it!

Santwona Patnaik June 19, 2018 at 2:53 am

Well!! I can relate to all the advantages and I’m sure my younger brother would relate to all the disadvantages!! Lol.

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