An inspirational Artist from Kashmir

Srinagar, 9 August 2018: A small room with curtains on the inner wall of the room makes the room very darker. When a person enters there is only one thing on which the eye of person goes this is the paintings made with inner feelings. The voice of the heart, the difficult life, The happiest life, the different situations in the valley of Kashmir. As one puts his foot inside the room the inner situations soothe one’s mind and heart. The beautiful pictures seem that someone has given his own life to bring life to them. This is an amazing picture.
Faheem Hussain is an inborn Artist. Born in the small town of Sopore in District Baramulla of Kashmir, He is currently pursuing Bachelors in Science from Government Degree College Sopore, a town of Baramullah. He discovered water painting as a healer for himself.
The interest in this art, as per Faheem started from his childhood, he was just 7 years old when a man was shot by unknown gunmen in front of his eyes in his town Sopore, being one of the dangerous area of Kashmir, the incidents of killing by unknown men are common. The life in such conditions seems becomes distressed, confused and fragmented.

“I was shocked for some time. But as a kid I forgot it completely after a few days,” said Faheem.

Painting done by Faheem Hussain : A Kashmiri women wearing Pheran (a Kashmiri gown) standing with his child and on his head is a traditional Samovar

During the unrest of 2010, every corner of the valley was on a boil. In this disintegrated situation, his friend Bilal Ahmad Dar was killed. Had seen the killing with his own eyes brought down tears from his eyes when he remembered him. During the year 2016, the valley was once again on a boil, which left an impression of hopeless to him.
“I was feeling alone, devastated, disintegrated and a ray of a ray of hope was just getting away from me seeing these events,” said Faheem Hussain, an Artist.
Painting done by Faheem Hussain : An example of the house of Gujjars (Nomadic Community) in the Kashmir valley

I used to remain away from people, stay alone, avoid talks and do does not sleep well, he further adds. I never thought that I could even live a normal life again and my dream of studying was also getting decreased with day by day
The first inspiration which brought a ray of hope for me was the painting. After this situation three months went down, I came across a video which was on the internet showing different paintings with watercolours. I was fascinated by the effects of these colours and start thinking about that. After a few days, I started to try these colours myself. What comes after that was an experiment or one can say a try to check whether I can do it or not. The fingers just hold my brush and paint on the plain paper was the outcome of my imagination.
Faheem Hussain taking a photograph with his paintings at photo exhibition in Pahalgam winter festival 

He found it soothes his mind from the utter feel of devastated. He instantly, find his mind in a controlled position. His body becomes relaxed. His loneliness started just getting away from him. He feels relaxed with colours. Soon, he realized that this should be my ambition, my hope for the future.
“I find peace and happiness in my art the joy comes whenever sad feeling surround me  I feel relaxed start work, my painting,”  says Faheem
Since realising the importance and doing the paintings whenever I feel disturbed by daily hartals and curfews. I quickly moved towards my art to start painting to feel relaxed. It is the best friend in these situations Faheem feels.
Painting done by Faheem of a Hollywood actor and wrestler the Rock

Faheem is a nature lover and feels that Kashmir is beautiful in nature and this is my homeland. I realise that my homeland should be away from any kind of destruction.
“One feels good when there is peace and people are happily living their lives. I always use to depict different kinds of situations in my work through my paintings,” said Faheem.

Painting done by Faheem Hussain Of great Poet of Kashmir Ghulam Ahmad Mehjoor

Not only he does the paintings of nature, he is also interested to draw the pictures of famous Bollywood superstars, worlds great personalities. He captures everything from nature to entertainment.

Painting done by Faheem Hussain of another great female Singer Raj Bejum

About his parents:
Faheem’s father is Dr Showket Hussain is a Professor of Islamic Studies at Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) Awantipora, his mother is Jameela Akther is a homemaker and he had another brother Tasaduq Hussain who is a student.
“For every moving in this art my family is supportive for me, they always feel it good whenever I make a new painting. My father advised me to continue this art as a hobby, not as a profession,” said Faheem.
Faheem had recently participated in different festivals to show his work. In Pahalgam winter festival, which was organised on 17 and 18 of February this year by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism his work was appreciated by different renowned Producer of Bollywood Imtiyaz Ali.

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