‘All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy’- meaning and its importance in today’s life

 “All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy” states the importance of play, recreation, rest and spending leisurely time in our life. If any person does too much mental task and is unable to take some time out of busy schedule for recreation, the mind will automatically turn lazy and dull. Such people lose their interest in work and even invites mental and physical illness to their body.
Most of us know or have heard the above proverb once or more in lifetime. Our childhood memories consist of saying by our parents,” first complete your homework or else I won’t allow you to go to play”. Still we manged to steal some time from our parents and did all those naughty stuff for the sake of recreation and fun. What about our present life and how does the above proverb fits into our lifestyle?
Human being flesh have been made in such a way that it cannot support working always. They require relaxing and recreating themselves at regular intervals. Working everyday becomes monotonous and exhausting and thus people demands holidays from their bosses to get some relief.
Talking about student, after finishing their examinations, they give up studies for some time to sit back and relax. During class hours, students tends to study hard but at free time, they opt for playing indoor and outdoor games. If the student is asked to study in continuous fashion without any break, he/she may find studying tedious and lose interest in it.

Work tires our mind and body which is the reason we wish to take a break to play or spend leisurely time with our loved ones.
Taking up a sport is the only solution that can help us in bringing a change to our dull and boring life. It not only makes us meet new people and build society but also improves our social and mental skills. Team sports like football and tennis develops leadership skills whereas indoor sports help in learning ways through which we can control our emotions of winning and losing.
For children, taking a sport in a competitive level can help them in making better results in academics. They learn how to manage work and competitive spirit in a healthier manner. Sadly, play area have been reduced in many cities as sports have not been considered as a lucrative career or necessity for adults.
In past few years many corporates have taken initiative by organising sports events and competitions among themselves to promote physical fitness among employees and team members. This initiative has even helped in developing infrastructure through corporate funding. Besides football and cricket other sports like hockey, badminton, kabaddi etc. are also breaking out with formation of local clubs and league competitions.
Games are vital part of human development and under any circumstances it shall not be diverted form daily life schedule. According to me, proper balance in daily work and play can prove advantageous in many ways, but life without play will surely generate a fatal to human life.

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