Rape Story of a Girl

Her daughter was her best friend. Her daughter was a reason of smile for her. The cute voice of her daughter was the sweetest voice in the world for her. She was blessed to have a cute, beautified an awesome angel.
She was not able to spend a minute without her daughter. She was too busy in taking care of her daughter that she forget to take care of herself. Thinking about her daughter day and night. Her daughter was the best thing happened to her in her life. She was thankful to Allah for blessing her with the best gift of the world.
Her little cutie smile was like a beautiful flower of the garden. Her voice was a dawn chorus which was the most presentable voice for her.
A few days back her daughter told her she got a position in class and she was like “Girl you made me proud, I love you girl”. She was feeling like the best mother in the world.

Last day when she went to market she bought a surprise gift for her and she was willing to give that gift to her on her birthday which was on the upcoming Sunday.
But today her life just ended. She lost her smile. She was willing to kill herself but she was not able to do so. Her daughter dead body was lying in front of her and she was not in her senses. Her daughter was killed after getting rapped. She was feeling sorry. She tried to shout but her voice got stuck in her throat. She was broken.
She kissed her daughter on her forehead, hugged her tightly. She was saying ” I am worse Mom of the world my angel, See! I am not saved you from the reckless world, Sorry my girl, I am worse Mom of the world, I am worse …..”.

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