Short Stories

Journey of Eid

In childhood, the best day for me was eid day. It was a day full of joys and pleasures. Meeting people and sharing memories was the best part of Eid. Eating together with many beautiful gossips.
But today in my teenage I lost the charm of my eid. The reason I myself conclude is that the real meetings are replaced by formalities. Hiding hate for each other inside heart we just pretend many things.
The beauty of friendship is no more. The fakeness around is hurting many people and attachments. It feels like a world of people with artificial feelings and emotions.
My eid was boring that is fine for me but the worst part is that as each and every day added to my life I lost a friend, I lost people, I lost real people!
I just wish I can bring back the old charm in friendship. I wish I can erase formalities. I wish to create a bond with people which is full of love and care not just an ordinary fake attachment.

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