Chaar log kya kahenge.. the unidentified four

Chaar log kya kahenge…everyone of us  must have heard this cliched statement once in our lifetime. Kaun hai yeh chaar log?? Is it necessary to think about those four people before doing any kind of work in our life?? The answer is no and if not then people need to change their mindset. This chaar log kya kahenge has crushed the dreams of millions of people. It is often said that only youngsters or teenagers are the major target of this syndrome but the situation is completely inverse of what we are thinking .. people of each and every age are the victim of this syndrome. We have countless examples ..The family of people with a completely orthodox mindset will never allow their daughter in law to work after marriage saying that “Chaar log dekhenge to kya kahenge ” and they often say that ghar ki auratein kitchen mei hi achi lagti hai .. bahar nahi .Due to these unidentified fours again the girls have to let go off their dream unfulfilled.

Recollect the memories of the time when you told your family about the boy or girl you loved and they simply rejected them due to different caste or religion and you were not able to marry them . That was the time when these mysterious fours popped their hideous heads and yet another wish went unfulfilled. Remember the time when your mom told you to buy her a set of jeans and t shirts or top for her as she loves to wear it and your immediate reaction was come on mom what has happened to you?? iss umr mei aise kapde ..chaar log dekhenge to kya kahenge ? and again due to these four people your mom’s wish went unfulfilled . Our parents especially our mothers very often dislike the idea of us standing and  talking to a person  of the opposite gender in the society compound or in the middle of the road and then their infamous gyan starts that how these chaar log will sabotage your name and reputation just because you were guilty of talking to a person of another sex or gender.
There are endless examples of when these mysterious four people walked into our life like trespassers and all we could do is happily give the reins of our life in their hands. So the picture is very clear from the above examples and the conclusion is that we all have been a victim of this chaar log kya kahenge syndrome  and now the time has come to stop worrying about these imaginary four people and fulfill our dreams without any restriction. This syndrome cannot be eradicated easily but at least we can set the limitations  and remove the control of these four people from our life. The purpose of life is not to impress anyone but to express yourself in the form of your dreams and aspirations. So instead of preventing the progress and growth of your love ones due to the fear of four people ..motivate them .. promote them to fulfill their dreams instead of giving up before trying. The most important person in your life is you ..yourself so instead of pleasing others, getting bothered about others …please yourself, take care of yourself…

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Devika Kumar August 5, 2018 at 10:31 pm

Keep it up! Good work!

Devika Kumar August 5, 2018 at 10:32 pm

“Char log” kills more dreams than anything else

Nayantika srivastava
Nayantika srivastava August 6, 2018 at 6:12 pm

Exactly ..

Sailee Brahme August 16, 2018 at 10:17 pm

Good topic and nicely written!

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