10 Best Wine Decanters to Enhance Your Wine Drinking Experience

Wines are living creatures. Well actually, they aren’t, except for the fact that just like living creatures, wines need to breathe in order to be at their best. Whether you are an expert in the field of oenology, or you just drink whatever wine you can get your hands on, you should know that aeration is a very important step which needs to be taken before consumption. Uncorking the bottle of your beloved Chardonnay right at the dinner table, won’t let you enjoy the best possible version of it. Regardless of a wine’s vintage, using a wine decanter can work wonders to your wine drinking experience. A wine decanter allows the sediments to separate from older bottles of red wine, while also bringing the flavours of newer wines to full bloom. Choose from one of the following wine decanters and get more out of every glass.

10 Best Wine Decanters to Enhance Your Wine Drinking Experience

Bella Vino Wine Decanter

Brimming with elegant simplicity, the Bella Vino Wine Decanter will also enhance the looks of your dining area/home bar. This wine decanter has an extra-wide mouth which allows for the entry of more air for wine aeration.

Riedel Cabernet Wine Decanter

The simple, yet elegant Riedel Cabernet Wine Decanter is perfect for red wines of older vintage which need a very small amount of aeration before consumption. If your cellar is filled with wines of a newer vintage, don’t worry, this wine decanter works well for them also. Just pour and leave for a few hours before consumption.

Sagaform Hand-Blown Glass Wine Decanter

This beauty of a wine decanter is well suited for displaying on table tops as well. The Sagaform Hand-Blown Glass Wine Decanter also features an orb stopper made out of oak, hearkening back to its roots in Scandinavia.

Luigi Bormioli Esperienze Crystal Decanter

This wine decanter is constructed with thick and durable glass. The Luigi Bormioli Esperienze Crystal Decanter is a carafe that will enhance your wine with proper aeration, and enhance the look of any home bar/table top with its sleek, artistic lines.

Menu Peter Orsig Wine Breather Decanter

This stylish wine decanter has enough room to aerate an entire bottle of wine. The Menu Peter Orsig Wine Breather Decanter can be attached to the top of your wine bottle via a silicone spout. Once that’s done, just flip the bottle over and watch your wine swirl in a sea of red. This Danish beauty can also be used to pour the wine back in the bottle (post aeration of course), in case the label is too fancy to not show off.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

This wonderful wine decanter has a punt at the bottom which lets it splay the wine for optimal and quick aeration. 30 minutes in the Le Chateau Wine Decanter should be enough for any kind of wine to come into full bloom. Cabernet, merlot, port, pinot noir et al.

Zalik Wine Decanter

This wine decanter belongs as much in your drinks collection, as it does in your art collection. The Zalik Wine Decanter comes in a U shape, with a wide end and a dainty end. Use the wider end to pour the wine for aeration and use the dainty end to serve it in a stylish manner.

Viski Raye Angled Lead Free Crystal Decanter

Among all the wine decanters mentioned here, this one is by far the most angular (it’s even mentioned in the name). The Viski Raye Angled Lead Free Crystal Decanter looks a lot like something which will be at home inside a chemistry lab. The shape of this wine decanter makes it a fun accompaniment for wine-tasting and food-pairing sessions.

Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer

If you love to aerate your wine on the go, or want a wine decanter at hand at all times, the portability of the Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer makes it the best choice. The slender silicone base fits into the mouths of most wine bottles and gives them the much needed aeration. This mini wine decanter is a perfect accompaniment for outdoor trips, hikes and picnics.

Fountain Aerating Wine Glasses

Don’t want to spend any money on wine decanters? No problem, these Fountain Aerating Wine Glasses come with a built in aerating filtration mechanism so that you can aerate your wine inside the same glass that you are drinking from.

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