Top 10 Types of Couples You will find Everywhere

Types of Couples

While we all stay in a Universe, we can’t miss seeing types of couples everywhere and anywhere we go. We all must have seen some couples who are completely opposite and are mismatched but yet they are doing so well together and again there are few couples who are so much into mutual punishment that we wonder how they stay together. Here I have come up with such 10 types of couples one will usually confront with. So without further delay, let’s just jump right into the article.

Top 10 Types of Couples You will find Everywhere

#10. Social Media Lovers:

Social Media Lovers

You will often find couples posting pictures together, updating status regarding their plans and even sometimes what they are thinking. The social media lovers even have joint accounts. So it is always easy to recognize this kind of couples.

#9. The “We aren’t Dating” Couple:

The funniest kind of couples is none other than the ones who are in a relationship but always claims to be not in the relationship. Well! To be very clear, if you talk to someone daily, kiss when you are sober, then it is quite obvious you are dating each other.

#8. The Travellers:


Now comes the most interesting kind of couples who loves to do adventure and travels a lot. They are the ones whom you can never find at home. What more is that they have some great stories and as well as experiences to share and make the mood of a boring conversation.

#7. The Ultimate Couple:

The Ultimate Couple

There is no need of explaining the “Ultimate” Couple. Well! They are the ones to whom all the aspiring lovers or couples look up to as inspiration. They fight with each other but makeup easily and are unique to make you believe in true love. This particular type of couples is made for each other as they stay married for years and even for decades sometimes.

#6. The Over-Possessive Couple:

Over-Possessive CoupleOver-Possessive Couple

Being a little jealous is always good for a healthy relationship but when you overdo that it might affect the relationship. This kind of relationship may include both the partners questioning each other or any one of them demanding on the other. You can see the couple seeking permission while hanging out with others.

#5. The “On/Off” Couple:

OnOff Couple

Nowadays, this kind of couples is quite visible. You often see them in a relationship a month and the very next month they are avoiding each other. These couples are quite confused and are afraid of the term “commitment”.

#4. The “Age-Gap” Couple:

Age-Gap Couple

Almost every one of us is now aware of the fact “May_December relationship”, aren’t we? Well! If you are not acquainted with the term then let me explain to you. In this case, you can often see a partner of winter or old age with the other in spring or young age. So don’t confuse them thinking mother-son or father-daughter.

#3. The Wealthy Couple:

Wealthy Couple

The wealthy couples are the ones whom you can see gifting each other expensive gifts, going on exotic vacations often. There is nothing really to mention about them as one can easily understand who are those wealthy couples.

#2. The Settlers:

Settled Couple

If you are wondering how couples who are career oriented can get along, then there are still a few couples who have a never ending attitude towards life. They can easily balance their relationship and work. However, due to some factors, sometimes their relationship doesn’t last long.

#1. The “Best Friends” Couple:

Best Friends Couple

Now, this is personally my favorite kind of couples. Well! Certainly or may I say fortunately I myself fall into this category. 😀 What can be better than dating and being with your best friend for the whole life? According to me, they make the best couple as they know each other very well and hence the understanding is quite good and as well as comfortability. After all, we all know that “Love is Friendship, Friendship is Love”.


Every couple is different and unique in their own style. However, you can find the majority of the couples like the ones listed above. Maybe you are not in a relationship but you will find people around you who are in a relationship and is like this.

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