The beauty of relationship lies in respect and trust

Couple in love holding hearts.

Don’t fall in love with someone, my dear. If someone really loves you, rise in love with him. Love should be your inspiration, you should grow personally and professionally with him in terms of relationship or in your career.
People get impressed by the wrong one and name the process as love, it is not love my dear if you are being humiliated every now and then if you are being held responsible for everything that goes wrong. If you are sadder than being happy with him if you try to please your partner every now and then. Love is just beyond description and a wonderful feeling. Love is something that the reality looks better than your dreams, and bring a smile on your face just by his name, love is something when someone trusts you, believes your dreams more than you, inspire you to move ahead in your life because he believes you can do it. Trust me or not, but when your loved ones believe you, the journey of life becomes easy.
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu.


Don’t do the formality of being in a relationship, it takes the efforts of two to make the relationship successful. You are in a relationship and he doesn’t trust you, it is better to part your ways rather than explaining yourself each and every time. Love is a beautiful feeling that doesn’t require things to be said, the emotions and feelings are conveyed and expressed through eyes. Love is the language expressed through eyes, and felt through the heart but use your mind little bit because it is your real life, not a movie.No explanation is needed, your partner knows you better than you.
Trust is the basis of all relationships, no trust, no respect, no love. You love to spend your time with someone, doesn’t mean you are in love with him. A person who can understand all your moods, respect you and support you throughout your life. It is a very big decision, don’t be in the hurry of just having a tag of being in a relationship.


 Think before starting the journey with him, if each time the apologies are made. The relationship should be of love. What is love? Well, it is really difficult to describe the word, the word has a deep meaning, your first love is your mother, she takes care of you, supports your whatever be the situation, make you realize your self-worth all because she loves you, and her world starts with you.
While in a relationship, the partner should be proud to have you, respect you and always support you and guide you whatever be the situation.
Is it really so important to be in the relationship, that you just get some attention from a person and you go by his ways, don’t seek his attention, my dear, respect is more important? There are many sensitive and emotional girls who fell for the wrong guy and spoil their lives. One simple thing I would like to say, Don’t listen to his words, just observe his actions. His actions will never let you make the wrong decision.

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