SIBLINGS- An intangible bond

Siblings are those people who grow under same roof with their souls connected to each other. Since childhood we spend our maximum time with our siblings and that’s the time when essence of this relationship flourishes. They are like the salt, we don’t understand their value when we have them, but realize their worth in their absence.
It is very common that whenever we try to recall the memories of our childhood with our siblings, we easily recall those fights for Maggie, TV remote, the opportunity to sleep next to our moms and what not and our mom used to settle those fights by her own methods and that just can’t be expressed in words.
The sad truth is that we don’t find all these beautiful moments in the new generations. Instead of making such memories, they are restricted to the foor walls of their rooms. Speaking of which, even 4 year old kids are busy with tablets and laptops nowadays and relationships have lost warmth and has restricted to video calls and social media.
People have lost that connection, though mobiles have reduced the geographical distance, but it has lengthened the gap between us. Nowadays people hardly meet their brothers and sisters even after months, except the social gatherings.
Well in my case, I m lucky enough to have a sister. Even after an age gap of 7 years, we have been very close to each other. Apart from the joy of togetherness, she has guided me through all the experiences of life, and helped me to become what I am today. We used to fight everyday and I did not realize when our daily rivalry changed into the feeling of longing for each other as we moved to our different homes. When she used to beat me, I used to hit her twice just to take that childhood revenge, but now I would happily allow her to do so, if she just agrees to meet me.
From fighting for remote and maggi to pleading for one visit at home, we grew up.
And that is the worst part that we grew up, because now we are piled up with responsibilities of our homes, we can no longer make those mud houses. Time has passed but we still manage to have a meal or a cup of tea together and discuss the ups and downs of life. We all need to try our best to maintain the quality of our relationship, and this is the need of an hour that people should preserve their relationships first because that’s where our roots belong.

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