Marriage or Agreement

The world has progressed a lot, and the values have changed. People call themselves modern, by the changed lifestyle, change attire and same thoughts about marriage. What do you think people are modern by the clothes they wear if you are really modern, why can’t it be reflected in your thoughts, your life, and your decisions.
Marriage is a journey of love started by two people, but the decision of marriage is taken on the basis of money exchanged, gifts exchanged. And the best part is the gifts are not given by their happiness but out of compulsion, so that marriage gets fixed and the daughter remains happy. Please stop this practice, the basis of relationship cannot be money. It may hurt to break a relationship at that particular moment but it will surely save your daughter from all the upcoming dangers. The moment they demand about dowry makes a very clear that they are least interested in your daughter. It is better to leave the broken glass broken, rather than trying to fix it and hurting yourself.
“A happy marriage is about three things:memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other” -Surabhi Surendra
The journey of love, the journey of marriage should be started with sharing, caring, and friendship. The things that make us happy cannot be measured in monetary terms and marriage is one of them. You call yourself educated, modern but you support your parents in the decision of dowry. What kind of modern boy are you? The famous dialogue, Let’s not interfere with the decision of our parents, they will see to it. Really….??
It’s our life and our marriage if you cant support the girl when she needs you, why are you getting married to her. If you don’t have the courage to stand against what is right and what is wrong better think about marriage again. It is a lifelong commitment to support your partner and not just leave the decisions in the hands of your parents. Stop the dowry practice, explain your parents, convince them rather than getting convinced by your parents and doing all the same practices that should be stopped now. It can never be finished if today’s generation cant oppose. It is now or never. People can appreciate the article, can give a lecture about the marriage, relationships, dowry but when your chance comes to stop the practice you back out. Act now before it is too late.

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Shwetank Gupta July 21, 2018 at 9:10 pm

Marriage should not be considered as an agreement.

Anchal Saxena August 9, 2018 at 5:29 pm

Exactly.Hope everyone of us understands.

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