It starts with 'You'

Love Yourself Before You Expect it from Others

We always want others to treat us with love care and respect. But you forget to love yourself which is the first and foremost step for living a happy life. It takes courage to love oneself, appreciate oneself, believe in oneself, and the most important thing is to forgive oneself.
How can you expect others to believe in your dreams when you yourself don’t have the trust in yourself that you can fulfill your dreams. The journey of success begins with the trust in oneself. Neither we appreciate ourselves when we achieve something, nor forgive yourself if something goes wrong with our actions. Every one commits a mistake and its ok if you did not meet the expectations or standards set by you. Learn to forgive yourself rather than blaming.
The way you think matters a lot than what others think. If you forgive yourself for your failure to do a particular thing, you can start all over again, by understanding what went wrong but if just keep blaming yourself, you will never come out of it and start a new journey.
We always want someone who should take care of yourself, appreciate yourself, but first, we should try to appreciate yourself and have the self-confidence to achieve our dreams. People only show confidence to those who are successful, but you know your ability, right now even if you not successful, you are facing failures, have some confidence in yourself and continue with your efforts. Sonner or later, you will surely succeed.
People opinion about you will vary from time to time, but what stays with you is your self-confidence, your hard work, your trust in your self. Remember someone has rightly said, “Tough times don’t last, tough people, do”.
In the journey of life, nothing is fixed, neither success nor failure. People will always be with you when you are at the peak of your career, but when you are nothing it’s only you who can support yourself. At that particular moment of life if you fail to have trust in your capabilities, if you doubt your dreams you will hardly achieve anything in life because life is a game of hope. Where there is a hope, there is life. Don’t take life too seriously, love yourself, smile at your faults and continue to believe in your dreams and one day you will surely get what you want in your life.

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