Friendship day ….

Friendship day..the day of celebration of the bond of friendship is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August and this year it is celebrated on 5 August 2018. This day holds a lot of importance ..especially in the life of teenagers which includes both the students of school and as well as college.It was first proposed in 1958 in Paraguay as the International Friendship Day. The day was initially created by the greeting card industry. It further propagated through social media and internet. Digital platforms and telephones have amplified this trend and ever since then Friendship Day has become a popular trend among the youngsters.
Ever thought how these friendship bands came into use?? how it came into fashion?? Movies play a vital role in promoting these kinds of stuff in order to make their movies even more fascinating and attractive. So movies like Kuch kuch hota hai popularized friendship day where all the three actors were seen celebrating friendship day and circulating Friendship Bands among their friends. Ever since then, these colorful bands were popularized as Friendship Bands. Some people still celebrate Friendship Day by tying Friendship Band on their friends’ wrists. But the matter of concern is that every random person whom you meet cannot be your friends … who is a true  friend?? The hardest thing is to recognize a person with broad and decent mindset and a pure soul. This work becomes even more difficult when you have a doubt that whether your friend is loyal or not? True friends are hard  & rare to find .. not every random person can be a true friend of yours ..and once you find of true and a loyal friend ..the bond of your friendship becomes stronger day by day .

The people with same likes or dislikes start sharing a very strong bond among themselves and very soon go on to become bestest of friends. These likes or dislikes can be of food, songs, way of thinking or it can be due to the feeling of hatred or feeling of love for the same person ..So one should be careful in choosing a friend because friendship with a wrong person can ruin your entire life. A true friend is always aware of everything you do and if not they will not get angry with you …instead of getting angry they will surely try to find out the reason behind an unrecognizable change in your behavior because they very well know your way of behaving in every situation . They will not let you become a victim of any wrong or illegal stuff..rather they will help you differentiate between wrong and right. On the other hand , a mean friend will continue to incite you towards people. Always stay away from such people , because these kind of people will never let you grow in your life. They would never ever forgive you and will also try to blame you for each and everything that went wrong. In short they would never appreciate your efforts …phir aap chaand tak hi kyu na chale jaaye unki help karne ke lie.
Remember the person who stands with you in your success, who looks more happy than you in your happiness, that person is your real friend. A true friend plays different role in your life .. sometimes he or she is your mother, sometimes  a teacher, sometimes a mentor , a guide  and enlightens your life .

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