Creative Ways to Discipline Your Child

It can be often frustrating for a parent when a child takes discipline completely granted. You have to know that toddlers cannot be treated like teens when it comes to discipline them. They might react very negatively to punishment and you don’t want to turn your child away from you. At the same time, you have to make sure that your baby understands the importance of discipline as these early years are going to determine what kind of person your child is going to be when grown up.
The very first way to discipline your child is to take their no in a positive way. If your child refuses to clean up after playing, politely ask again but after some time. If they say no again, try to include yourself in the cleaning activity by talking about their favorite things. Once they are done cleaning, praise them and give them a reward so that they know it is a good thing to clean up their mess.
Secondly. Make sure you complement your child if they do something good solely on their own. Praise your child when he sits to study all by himself. Children constantly look for appreciation from their parents and encouraging the good behaviors with compliments is a great way to ensure that they make it as a habit.

Another thing which people often neglect is the importance of a child’s conversation. Do not react their opinions about anything outrightly. Whenever they are trying to communicate, make sure they have your undivided attention and you actively engage in the conversation. Children love it when the elders hear them out and give them importance. Once a week, ask your child to regulate the dinner and make the food according to his/her choice. These early experiences make them realize that their parents respect their opinion and they will make sure they have good things to tell you. This also helps if your child gets irritated very easily and refuses to talk to you.
One creative way to discipline your child is to let them come up with their own solution. Instead of shouting or punishing your child, ask them what they think will make the situation better. If they have spilled some juice on the table, ask them what they think could be done. If they offer to clean the table, let them and later on, praise them for their solution and being a good girl/boy. Sometimes, there are things they won’t be able to do on their own. Offer your help there but keep them involved. This way, instead of hiding their mistakes, your child will try to come up with something which makes the whole mess better. This also teaches a very important lesson in taking the responsibility for their own actions.

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