4 Things Illinois Homeowners Need to Know Before Selling their House During a Pandemic

Illinois Homeowners

Contrary to what many expected, the real estate industry is still strong around the country and is roughly at the same level it was at the same time last year. And, according to local realtors, things seem to be doing even better for the Tri-States. The Quincy Association of Realtors reported that sales for homes were up 25% compared to last year and sold for 10% more on average. Buyers are interested, and sellers should not dismiss the idea of selling despite the disruption caused by the COVID virus. Here are a few things Illinois homeowners need to know before selling their houses during a pandemic.

Prepare for Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and if you were thinking of putting the house on the market now, you will need to get it ready. This will not only prevent damage to the property but reassure prospective buyers who might be worried about things like insulation or your backyard pool, for instance. What you need to know about a new pool installation is that the first months are the most crucial, and you must know how to winterize your pool now. A neglected pool will send all the wrong signals and could break the sale, so don’t neglect the details.

Take Advantage of Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase your property and pre-sell prospective buyers. They also allow you to reach buyers from remote states who’d like to invest in local property but want to make sure before they make the time investment of coming for an actual visit. You should consider having the home professionally staged for this purpose for greater impact.

Take Care of Major Repairs

People are looking for homes in great condition first and foremost, and according to Quincy Association of Realtor’s treasurer Alan VanDeBoe, homeowners can expect to see lots of offers as long as the house is reasonably priced and in good condition.

Anything that sticks out has to be repaired or replaced. If there are cracks on the driveway, you might want to consider filling them or having the driveway resurfaced before winter comes. You also want to deal with anything that might come back after inspection. If the roof is old, this could also be a good time to replace as buyers will gladly pay a premium for a house with a roof that has just been installed.

Hire Help

If in doubt, we suggest you work with contractors who specialize in pre-sale home upgrades. They might help you come with coronavirus friendly upgrade ideas like improving ventilation and HVAC, for instance, or find fundamental flaws that might detract buyers. Others will handle things like painting, flooring, and staging for you. These are the small touches that could make a huge difference, even more so when performed by professionals who understand buyer psychology and trends in the market.


Now is surprisingly a great time for homeowners in the Tri-States. If you are considering the option, use these tips and take the time to survey the market so you can adjust accordingly.

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