What Paw Parent needs to know before Planning a Road Trip with Dog?

What Paw Parent needs to know before Planning a Road Trip with Dog

If you love your pooch and cannot think of separating from him/her even during a road trip or a holiday, there are a few things to keep in mind while planning a trip with your pet dog. For many of us, it is difficult to take our pets along in whatever mode we use. Although air travelling may be the safest and fastest way to travel, a road trip is more affordable and preferred by frequent travellers. This certainly requires pawww parents to consider some do’s and don’ts mentioned listed below for a safer journey.

Carry your pet’s first aid kit

You may never know when you run into trouble and need a first aid kit. When you will have them in hand, you will be prepared for unforeseen disasters. Some of the things you need to keep include your pet’s scissors, saline eye solution, adhesive tape, antibiotics, gauze pads and alcohol wipes beside other medicine. Keep hydrogen peroxide if your dog is prone to vomiting during travelling. Make sure to consult the veteran before buying these medicines and what will be best for your dog during travelling. Keep windows open so that your pooch does not get sick due to motion.

Carry portable food and water Bowls

While making your road trip plan, you may not always consider how much room you’ll have in your car. It’s probably jampacked if you’re going on a lengthy journey. Bring portable food and water dishes that you can conveniently store and attach to the harness during walks to save space.

Take Test Drives

Most of us take our pets only for a veteran visit, local park or grooming centres rather than taking them on long rides. Therefore, experts recommends that before taking dogs for a long ride, it is better to take them for a few rides so that they get accustomed to it. In addition, traveling ahead will let you know if your dog will face any health issues.

Teach Your Dog to Enjoy New Places

If your pet isn’t used to visiting different territories, take him to at least four new sites a week before your trip. Once you arrive, bring your dog’s favourite snacks or objects and praise them every time they engage with their surroundings. As a result, every one of these new items gets associated with the things they enjoy.

Take regular breaks and offer simulations

If you’re taking your dog on a prolonged road trip, continue taking pauses, such as every three to four hours for pet comfort, a stroll, and water. Dogs require more frequent breaks. Even a short stroll of fewer than 10 minutes will suffice for your breaks. When you’re still driving, use a plush toy to keep your energetic dog occupied and entertained, as well as to keep them from biting on buckles and other belongings. To add activity to your dog’s day, play a game of tug or retrieve during breaks.

Allow your dog some space, but never leave them in a hot car

Give your dog his room to be comfortable and unwind, irrespective of the sort of four-wheeler you’re riding. Resist crowding goods next to him in the rear seat or packing him in the back of a small automobile. If you leave your dog in a hot car, it’s not a dog-friendly road trip at all. When it’s hot outdoors, your vehicle will soon heat up. Even if the temperature is only 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your dog may find the automobile unbearable.

Carry good-quality toys for your dog

Carrying a good-quality toy is equally important as other factors on the list, especially when you are going for a road trip. Toys keep dogs occupied besides giving them mental stimulation. Dogs love ripping their toys apart and spreading them everywhere. When on a road trip, try to bring those toys which are durable so that do not break off easily.

Keep a medical record at hand

In case you face an emergency, a medical record might be of great help during your long journeys with your pooch. Medical records may include the list of vaccinations or any allergy your dog has. Other than this, you must keep his veterinarian number to connect during a medical emergency. In fact, visiting the vet before you go out for a trip can also be a great idea since your dog can be checked and medicated to ensure a safe journey. Your vet may provide some medicines too if your dog is prone to car-sickens.

Carry Essentials

Make a list of the items that you will require for your dog during the journey and hotel stay. The list may include a leash, collar, bowls, food, treats, toys and medicine apart form a collar with your dog’s name and number in it. If you are going camping, carry your dog’s bed and for a road journey, a seat belt harness. Placing a microchip at your pooch’s harness can also prove a handy option to track his movement in open areas.

Keep your dog’s latest pictures

Although we can never think about losing our pet for once, we must prepare ourselves for any kind of misfortune. If you have your dog’s current picture, you can show them to flyers or passers-by in case you lose him.

Maintain a Safe Distance from other Animals

When touring wildlife-infested regions, keep a safe distance from the animals. Keep your dog under control and in a designated closed off area to avoid any difficult events or confrontations that might lead to injuries or bites. If an attack takes place, get medical care right once.

Preparing Dogs for Vacation

Refrain from giving your dog a large dinner right before you leave. Ensure the dog has been fed at least 4 hours before departure. Take your dog for a walk right before you get in the car to make him ready for the trip. He’ll be able to extend his legs and relieve himself as a result of this.

Keep your dog calm during the journey

Although many people ignore this factor while planning a road trip with a dog, keeping the dog calm proves to be a great help especially during road trips. This can be done by playing soothing music or giving them chewy toys. When you have a co-passenger, just ask them to stroke your pet gently and be accustomed. Also, maintain your car speed well to avoid any kind of motion sickness and sudden jerks. If you notice any kind of restlessness in your dog or signs to throw up, pay heed and do the needful. Just roll down the windows and let some fresh air in your car that can potentially calm down your pooch.

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