Personalised Pet Gift Ideas for Your Pet Dogs and Cats

Personalised Pet Gift Ideas for Your Pet Dogs and Cats

Research shows that when we interact with animals, our stress-related hormones, also known as cortisol levels decreases along with our blood pressure level. NIH states that the presence of animals not only helps to reduce loneliness but also helps social interaction and mind development. Why not show our pets some love by gifting them a personalised gift this Christmas? If your pet is someone special for you, read below to find amazing personalised pet gift ideas to choose from. After all, your dedicated companions too deserve to be treated uniquely, isn’t it?

Personalized Cable Knit Pet Sweater with Pets name

One personalised gift idea for your beloved one is a knitted sweater that can prove warm and comfortable for winters. You can get your pets name engraved in it or add a personalised batch with your pet’s face. The pullover or knot-designed sweaters are available in the market to choose from. 

Personalized Treat Jar

Making our pets happy by treating them regularly is not only enjoyable, but it also aids in the pet-training. So, why not personalise the treat jar itself. Just buy a jar from a shop and get your pet’s name or face added to it.

Personalised or Custom-made Pet picture Keychain

Another personalised gift idea for pets is a silver or gold chain that features their name or photo. You can choose from the wide variety available in the market. Select a size that fits in your pet’s neck easily.

Personalized Bandana for dogs and cats

This is one classic gift we all present to our pets at least once. Many cute bandanas are available in the market which can be easily personalised by engraving your pet’s name and colours. Many bandanas also come with folding options and designs to ensure a perfect fit. Just tie them around your beloved one’s neck and let them flaunt while you walk beside them.

Personalised Pet Portrait Phone cover

Well, this one is not for your pet actually but a way they might get delighted. A professional can help you frame a picture of your pet on the back cover of your phone. 

Custom-made Pet-face pendant

If you really want a novel idea, just spend on this one! Gift your puppy or kitty a hand-printed ornament that has your pet’s cute face printed on top. The pendant can be hung on your pet’s neck with the help of a colourful ribbon or collar.

Personalized Coffee Mug

If you like to drink your morning coffee or tea with your pet, personalise your coffee mug with your pet’s face or name. All you need to do is choose a ceramic coffee mug and get it customised in a budget-friendly way.

Personalized Pet Collar

Keeping our pet safe is our top-most priority. Well, why not gift your pet a personalised pet collar which is good-looking and technically sound. Modern pet collars do have chips and ID tags that can keep your pet safe and comfortable. Plus, a good quality personalised pet collar with chips comes in vibrant colours and sizes which can get easily cleaned.

Personalised Pet Portrait Pillow

Whatever you have, a pet cat or a dog, you can get yourself a pillow that has your pet’s face in it. This would be rather fun on the sofa or your kid’s room. Choose any comfortable pillow that can be customised and add some conversation to your room.

Personalized Pet Stocking

When Christmas is near, all we need is a good stocking that can be hung beside our Christmas tree. Why not buy paw-shaped stockings this year which can be customised with your pet’s name. Buy yourself one and get it embroidered or hand-painted with your pet’s name in it before filling it with treats and toys from Santa.

Custom Pet Face Sweatshirt

Why not show off your pet’s gorgeous face by putting it on a comfy crewneck sweatshirt? Share a few images of your pet, and the creator will produce a personalized artwork with your pet’s title or nickname, which can be printed on a unisex hoodie you’ll never want to take off. The concept isn’t limited to dogs and cats; you may also upload photographs of your favourite bunnies, birds, rabbits, reptiles, snails, and other animals.

Personalized Royal Pet Portrait

If you like to treat your pet like royalty, then why not celebrate with one of the humanistic pet portraits? Though it may sound little challenging here, if you could find yourself a portrait maker, it will be fun. Just ask them to add frames like in royal pictures or with an NFL athlete to make it look more dramatic.

Personalized Pet Bowl

Our pets do not need our help to recognise their bowls. However, keeping a personalised bowl can make your pet bowl look unique in the kitchen or when kept in the drawing-room. Although you can buy your pet a bowl without personalization, just adding a name or your pet’s identity can even save you from over-feeding if you have many pets at your home.

Personalised pet blankets

All pet owner has a pet blanket, that one beloved blanket that officially belongs to you but your dog prefers to snuggle on or beneath. You too can truly offer them their own comfortable blanket with their photo embroidered on it. The silky fleece blankets come in a variety of colours and patterns, and they make the ideal present for any pet owner.

Customised key chain with pet face

These innovative key chains are essentially little personalised pillows on a ring that let you bring your favourite pet with you everywhere you go. Because of their relatively low price and strong wow impact, they also make an excellent personalised pet gift.

Personalised Dog harness

Why not give your pets a dog harness this year as they will be able to breathe easily while walking or pulling strength? You may get many online sites where a personalised dog harness is available and can be customised according to your choice. Just select one harness that can fit well around your dog’s body and get your pet’s name or your phone number like information printed in it.

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