Finding Out Which Dog Breed Best Suit Your Lifestyle

Finding Out Which Dog Breed Best Suit Your Lifestyle

Once you’re sure that you have the time and finances to be a dog owner, it’s important to think about which dog breed is suitable for your current lifestyle, but also the future. Several factors come into play when choosing a dog breed, such as interests, housing, and life situation.

Most importantly, think about your lifestyle and consider what adjustments you’re willing to make for a furry friend.

As a responsible dog owner, you must gather knowledge about the exact breed you’re interested in, for the choice of the breed to be as correct as possible, both for the dog and for you.

Look at your family’s needs, especially if you have children or other pets. For instance, people with allergies, or those who prefer dogs that shed less, may want to look at allergy-friendly dog breeds.

Owning a dog requires firm commitments and to harmonize your lifestyle with the dog breed you dream of, we offer tips to help you choose the best dog for you and your family.

Dog Size

When wondering which dog breed is right for you, the dog’s size is an important factor to take into account. You may already know that you want a small dog that you can carry with you if you’re frequently on the go, or maybe you have your heart set on a larger dog breed if you’re outdoorsy and love going on hikes. 

Small dogs are sensitive and vulnerable. Being handled carelessly can cause serious injury to small dogs and if you live in a colder area, remember that they can also be more sensitive to low temperatures. 

On the other hand, large dogs with long, whip-like tails need ample space to avoid tail injuries or damage to household items. Another consideration is the cost – the larger the dog, the more expensive things like dog food, toys, and medical treatments can be.

Regardless of the size and breed, every pet parent must obtain a good insurance plan for their pet as a safety net against injuries and illnesses. By using a pet insurance coverage chart, you can compare different types of coverage like accident-only plans, accident-illness plans, and accident-illness plans with wellness coverage, and choose the most suitable one for your furry companion and for your own peace of mind.

Activity Level

As we all know, some dogs have more energy than others. A dog’s activity level often depends on what breed it is.

Every dog ​​needs routine training, regardless of breed or size, so make sure you can provide this. If you don’t have time for more than one or two walks a day, you will probably get better along with a lower energy dog ​​breed, such as a Basset. If you’re looking for a dog that can be a jogging partner or play Frisbee with you, consider getting a Border Collie, for example.

If necessary, be willing to adjust the amount of exercise and attention you give your dog. A dog that constantly barks, digs up your garden, destroys your furniture is likely to need extra activities. Many behavioral problems are the result of excess energy. Many dogs are abandoned due to a behavioral problem that could have easily been avoided with the right training and attention.

Dog Age

Many people want a puppy when getting a dog but an older dog could be a better choice.

Puppies require the most training and care, especially during the first six months. Your dog will probably have lots of “accidents” in the house, chew on your furniture and personal belongings. These problems will gradually be solved with dedicated training, but patience is a must. You should also be aware that the puppy may grow up and become different than you expected, especially if you adopt a mixed breed dog. 

An adult dog can be better suited if you want a better understanding of ​​your new dog’s true energy level, attitude, and temper. Fortunately, many adult dogs have been well-trained and socialized to some extent and can easily adapt to their new lives.

Final Thoughts

Giving a specific answer to the question – “which dog breed suits you best” is almost impossible.

Many people are attracted to a certain breed of dog for various reasons. You may have grown up around the breed earlier or you feel that the breed is right for you based on what you’ve read or heard.

As a responsible dog owner, do your research and be willing to take on potential challenges involving the dog’s temper and needs. Make sure the breed fits into your lifestyle, otherwise, the dream of owning a pooch can easily become a nightmare.

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