A Look at a Few Essential Steps for Exporting Pets From Singapore

A Look at a Few Essential Steps for Exporting Pets From Singapore

You go through many experiences when the time comes to bid farewell to a country where you lived for some time for some other destination. If the destination country is exciting, one looks forward to it eagerly. Still, various empowering emotions engulf your senses. But your pet can be more stressed about this than you. So, keep this in mind. Exporting a pet from Singapore into a new country involves a lengthy documentation process. If you choose your options and prepare well, your pet can live with you in the new destination happily. Let’s get some more insights into this.

Import requirements of the destination country

When you export your pet to another country from Singapore, you need to familiarise yourself with that place’s import rules relevant to animals. Countries follow strict rules to minimise biosecurity risks. Hence, it’s common for them to demand several proofs or documents, such as lab tests, microchips, vaccinations, and more. They can also quarantine your pet upon arrival. So, it’s best to learn about these details beforehand. If you find a reliable pet relocation agency in Singapore specialising in exporting them, your stress will be less. For information, you can look at this source: Shilohanimalex.com/pet-export-from-singapore.

Export license

The license should be ready before 30 days of the travel date of your pet. Validity for this pass can be 30 days. Hence, it’s necessary to apply at the right time. You can get it done in one or two days, based on your chosen service type. Express service can generate a licence in one day for a higher price, while standard service charges can be nominal. An authorisation letter or certificate can be available in two days.

Vet visit

Based on your destination country, you have to take your pet to a vet for thorough testing. Many countries are strict about health certificates. You can get the attested ones in two days, and application charges can be about 23-43 Singaporean dollars. Please follow the current pricing rates.

Ground handling agent

You should send all the documents with the pet needed at the entry checkpoint in the destination country. Papers should be well-organised to help your pet get customs clearance at the earliest. Ask your pet movers if they will oversee this process or if you will have to intervene.

A few more vital points

Setting aside at least 100 Singaporean dollars for the administrative side of the application process will be best. Besides this, you would need 4-5k more to move your pet out of the country. It will go into vaccinations, quarantine, and physical examination.  But this is just a ballpoint figure – the cost can be high or low based on the nature of the destination country’s rules.

The complex process becomes easy to navigate when you have the right people to support you in this journey. Since your pet needs all the care and love, going the extra mile for this shouldn’t be a concern. Find a trustworthy and experienced agency that has managed many pet exporting cases successfully. With them by your side, many of your troubles may disappear, and you can feel more organised.

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