10 Tips First-time Golden Retriever Parents Should Know About The Breed

Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever breed was created in the Scottish Highlands by Dudley Marjoribanks when he combined a gundog and Water Retriever in the 1800s. 

Eventually, owners of these dogs added the Irish Setter, bloodhound, St. John’s water dog, and black Retriever to the breed. The breeding of the soon-to-be new member of your family gives you information about the dog’s behavior, temperament, and energy.

Because the American breeding of Goldens descends primarily from the sporting breeds, they are energetic, people-oriented, and very trainable. On the other hand, the English Cream, Golden Retriever breeding, was heavily influenced by the gun dog resulting in a stocky, people-oriented, calmer dog that is highly trainable. 

Tips for new Golden Retriever parents

The following is a list of tips to know before you purchase your new family member.

Golden Retrievers come in different coat colors

They have beautiful fluffy, long-haired coats that require maintenance. Flaxen and red are standard colors. However, many potential owners look into options like the common gold color or the fan-favorite English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale

They need a lot of exercise 

Goldens need an hour or two of exercise every day, and their exercise should include play that stimulates their mind. Goldens are excellent search and rescue dogs and thrive with hide-and-seek games. 

Because of their breeding, they love water, so they are thrilled when dock diving and swimming. Fetch is a favorite and will frequently be started by them.

They are not watchdogs

When one thinks of the term “watchdog,” the golden Retriever would probably not be the picture that pops into your head. Not to say they don’t bark at strangers at night, but they are probably more prone to invite them in than biting them. 

However, do not underestimate their intelligence, as they know who their family is and can be protective of them. 

They are clingy

This breed lives in your house and space. They exist to be your companion. So you will never have to search for them. You have a 45 to 75-pound shadow in front of, beside, or behind you.

Weight and height

Goldens love to join their people on their lap, on the chair, couch, and on the bed. As a puppy, they fit everywhere. As an adult, they make room for themselves. They tend to move things off low-hanging surfaces with their tails. If anything is within reach of their snouts, it is theirs. Size counts, so they take equal space in your heart and home.

Specific diet

When you purchase your puppy, discuss with your breeder what, how much, and when they have been feeding them. Your breeder is an excellent resource and will recommend when and how to change their diet. A healthy diet is essential for a healthy dog. If there are any problems as your puppy grows, reach out to your breeder or consult your veterinarian.

Fun personalities

The English Golden’s calm, goofy, loving temperament makes it one of the most popular dogs in the United States. However, an American Golden tends to be more energetic. The majority are happy-go-lucky and adjust to changes in the household if introduced correctly. They love to play and are mouthy, so they are prone to inciting random games of keep-away. 

Happiness means training

New parents and family members benefit from scheduled obedience training with a qualified trainer. In addition, obedience training enhances the bond between members of the family. 

A qualified trainer can be instrumental in teaching humans how to communicate with their canine family members making them a beloved part of the family.

Do your due diligence

Due diligence is mandatory for choosing both the breeder and the trainer. Enquire about references from both parties and contact them. Nothing is more heartbreaking than purchasing a canine family member with genetic disorders and losing them. 

Hiring an unqualified trainer can result in a once-happy Golden becoming aggressive from harsh or hostile training methods. There are certification agencies for dog trainers, but state or federal guidelines do not regulate them.

Healthy lifestyle

This dog loves to eat and can enjoy fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. However, they must be provided the right food in the proper proportions to ward off stomach issues and obesity. Their ears can be waxy or infected, and they tend to get skin infections. 

In addition, they are prone to cancer, so monitor any nodules or bumps you find while grooming them. Always consult your veterinarian with any health concerns.

Parting nugget

There are many considerations when adding a canine family member. They can be costly, from the initial purchase to continued outlay related to training, food, veterinarian bills, and general upkeep. However, you cannot put a price on the space they take in your heart and the companionship a Golden provides in your life.

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