How to make money through blogging

The world is changing a lot and these days there is so much of advancement in technology. As a result, the internet has just bamboozled this world. These days it is really difficult to survive without the internet and it is Crystal clear from our lifestyles. People use the internet a lot and spend their lot of time tinkering on the internet.
Yes, there are a lot of other people as well who earn money through the internet as well. It is just like changing your avocation into a vocation. A lot of people are running their own blogs through different things. Like there are people running blogs of sports and some people are running blogs of healthcare and many other things.
So how these people make money online. There are a lot of different ways through these people make money and this is the agenda of our day today. So let us get started and learn how to make money through blogging.

Different ways

Now we will discuss the different ways to make money through blogging. So here are the different ways.

#. Content writing

There are a lot of people who are running their blogs on different things and selling their services to different people who need these services. This is marketing. People run their blogs and they offer their services to the people. There are a lot of people out there who need their services. This is how things work in the content marketing world. You will make a blog and post about what you offer and people will come to you for your services and this how people make money through the internet.
It is one of the best ways to earn money through blogging. A lot of people are earning money this way and you can always try to earn money this way. There is no hard and fast rule these days. Just make a blog related to the topic you are interested in and promote it. People will make to you and in this way, you can start your business.

#. Freelancing

It is quite similar to the above way. If you are running your blog you will come in contact with similar people and you can start working for them as a freelancer. They might need your services and in this way, they will offer you some work and you will do it and eventually, they will pay you. This is another really good way to make money through blogging. It is not only about connections. There are different websites on the internet as well which act as more intermediate between you and the blog holder for whom you will work for in this process.

#. Advertising

It is one of the most famous ways through which bloggers make money. It is a simple and easy way to follow as well. You are running a blog and there are a lot of companies who want to present their product in front of an audience. For that purpose, companies may contact you and ask you to advertise their product on your website.
You can advertise the product of company on your website in different ways. You can advertise the product by presenting it on sidebars, header or footer of the website. If there is good traffic on your website then it is the best way to earn money from a blog. Different companies can also ask you to write about their product on your website. This is called sponsored posts or underwritten posts.
The only problem with this way of earning money from blogging is that different readers of your blog can become frustrated with all the advertisements you have put up on your website. So keep all things in mind while putting this method of making money from blogging in implementation.

#. Affiliate marketing

A great way to earn money from your blog. Also, it is a very efficient method to make money from your blog. You are an affiliate marketer and now you need to promote someone else’s product or service to your different readers on the blog. Then you are linking that product or service with a unique affiliate link.
Now when anyone clicks on that unique affiliate link and purchases or do anything which is desired by the company then you will get a commission from the company for this thing. This is how this method works of earning money from your blog.
It is an efficient method because there is an astounding number of affiliate programs to join. There are different programs which bloggers can join. Some of the are as follows.

  • Amazon associates– In this, you will get paid your readers will buy products from Amazon through the unique affiliate link you have put on your blog.
  • Genesis
  • Bluehost

So these are some of the affiliate programs which bloggers can try to make money from their own respective blogs.
Ask any experienced blogger and he or she will surely suggest this method of affiliate marketing to make money from your blog. Moreover, there are no hiccups in this method of promoting the product or maintaining the product.

#. Digital products

So, up to this point in time, you must have got an idea that there are so many ways to make money through blogging. What you need are good instincts to grab good opportunities. So here is another good method. You can create and sell your digital products. Many bloggers use this method.
The main thing about this method is that you do not need any inventory and the financial overhead is zero and also there are no risks involved. Moreover, digital products can be distributed easily and quickly.
There are many different digital products which different bloggers create and you as a blogger can also use them. These different ways are as follows.

  • The first way is courses. In this, you can teach others what you know and sell it a number of times. This is a good way for you if you really know something in a good way and you think that you can explain it to others as well through your courses.
  • Then there are online classes. This is different from courses only in this way that online classes are in a live setting.
  • Publish your own e-books and earn money. Another very good method.
  • There are some photographers as well who sell their photographers online as well.

Digital products selling is a great way to earn money from your blog.

#. Physical products

As a blogger, you can sell physical products as well on the internet on your blog. Some examples of digital products are as follows.

  • You can sell books as a physical product.
  • You can sell your handmade products as well on the internet as physical products.

So these are the some of the best ways to make money through blogging. Keep these methods in mind always.


Blogging is an art and it is a fact. There is so much competition in the blogging field as well. To become successful you just need to back yourself and put your thought into the above ways we have explained make money through blogging.
Prioritize what you want to do and act accordingly. So get started with your blog and all the best with that. You will surely enjoy it and make lots of money.

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