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Yeah we all know that nothing in this world comes for free. Also on the other hand it is very difficult to start something when you know what all you have is empty pockets. But creativity and necessity gives rise to some of the unmatched and unthinkable ways of getting around those hurdles. We all are aware before someone even starts doing it, how tricky it could be getting the idea brainstormed hot!!! And then making the idea and the perception on the web go live. People liking it or disliking it, let us leave that to the audience. So there always is a question that concludes the whole discussion. So which of the various blogging platforms will the finest to launch the blogging with? Let’s find out but before that let us see what a blog is?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a synonym for a weblog. To take it further it could be defined further as the networked magazine (journals). It could be elaborated in some other words using terms like as descriptive site flourishing data in contradictory order. Along with the most recent posts appearing on the top and the latter follows in a descending order. Hence this means that it is a stage where a writer or a cluster of writers come together. They are gifted with the freedom of scribbling to part it with the rest of the world as they have a different method of looking at world and putting it into words.
Let us start with one of most accomplished website which acts as unmatched platforms along with blogging could be started and that too free of cost.

#1. WIX

For those of us who are not aware of website designing and websites, HTML is a language in which these pages are written. Also these days HTML5 is trending for site creation and designing. If it is HTML5 which concerns you the most in the website design that WIX might be a very considerable option to go with. Also WIX declares that the drag and drop functionality it holds makes the life of the blogger much easier. Being designed with HTML5 is an added advantage. Other than there are somewhere roughly around 500 user ready templates. In other words already prepared pages, just edit and detailing is all that is needed. It is coupled with tons of apps and functionality which makes it even more sweet. Apart from that it holds top of the line hosting, hence rest is assured. Which means the sites will be there when it will be needed to be. Also 500 MB storage coupled with a 1 GB of bandwidth is packed for the new users, in a basic package. While if the individual is looking for some plus features  which in other words is known as premium or paid features which will enable him to get the most out of it.

#2. Yola

Yola is a free web hosting site which could be used for creating blogs. But if you want to do something more than that, than you will be restricted by the limitations by the organization. As the basic package does not cover most of the premium features. But if we talk about the brighter side of the story.  With the basic package just 2 sites and 3 pages. But if you are new in the hood of blogging, it should be more than enough for you. If not, premium package always welcomes you with warm hearts. So cutting it to the chase, along with numerous templates to pick from. This includes tons of features which will make the life of the blogger easy, makes it preferred by most bloggers. This makes the work of a blogger much convenientwhole compiling everything together there comes drag and drop tools which is layer on in the templates. With which if the blogger is skillful, he may resort to CSS to make the appearance much decorated.

#3. Hubpage

Hubpages is a matrix of websites that allows the users to part their account (narrative) with an extensive unbolted band. There is a separate arts and design division, which will prove to be a pleasant accommodation for innovative bloggers and Hubpage prime players on the capabilities to associate with the users. There is a broad audience which could be used for driving traffic and generating revenue inform of affiliates and ads.

#4. Edublogs

Educblog is regarded as one of the finest blogging platform if the blogger has mastered himself in design and art training. Edublog is hereby considered as the substantial spot network. The free of cost guidance blogging manifesto for colleges, schools and colleges. As it is backed and supported by Word Press, despite permits the user of leveraging the getting plugged into form of companion academic journalists (bloggers). The Edublog allows the users to sign up at free of cost. Additionally it allows the user over 245+ top of the line themes coupled with the 1GB storage space. There also is a Pro plan which allows the additional tools which will help in situations when rookie blogging turns into some serious blogging.

#5. Ghost

The tag line of the Ghost blogging platform states ‘The professional publishing platform’. This blogging platform is an open source network and platform which is free of cost if installed on personal system. The most unique thing about Ghost is that you just need to pay only that amount which depends upon the traffic received. With an addition to that an individual gets a 2 week free of cost trial available. Therefore there is something apart from this conclusion there is a live preview of how the site will be while an individual is writing or planning the site to be. The individual should have a technical understanding. As it is a substitute to the Word press, as the individual is happy to lay hands on to get very own cyberspace that awaits an incredible blog.

#6. Contentful

The contentful blogging platform is a great place for those individuals who want to sketch the contenful API. The blogger can sketch something out of the box. Just if the blogger is aware how he is going to showcase his content after a couple of years down the line. Contentful carves out a method which is abstracted for the content layout. It is known as the “API-first” concept. The content is then stored on the servers of the Contentful. Later the individual can turn it into any layout or platform according to his wish. So if the individual wishes to fabricate a very unique and out of the box after a couple of years it is very convenient to pull down everything in as the complete package which will extend support the blogger. This ensures that he does not have to start right from the scratch.

#7. Weebly

The weebly on its official website says that ‘A beautiful website starts here’. This statement helps in understanding the confidence level of the founders of the site. The level of trust that the authors have that their website will be able to cater to most variety of the visitors coming in. While helping in delivering a website for a blogging platform which is efficient. Efficient in terms of helping the blogger to create a website which will enable him to showcase the global audience of what he is capable of, what idea he holds. What more could be provided to the world with a single click. As we all know a website is the only base of online presence. So weebly successfully helps the user to create a website for those bloggers who plan to stay available for a longer period of time.

#8. Jekyll

The Jekyll enables the user to create sites which are static in nature. It also allows to grab and utilize the underdone text files, which is probably scribbles in Markdown. Creating a blog website with Jekyll averts the urge to slog with escape clause. This may be referred with the upgrades and databases and the list goes on. Hence there are a handful things that might go haywire. Hence avoiding the blogger to create something right form the scratch. Just in case the blogger wants the website to be brawny according to his very own choice. The reason here could possibly be the GitHub Pages. This accounts that the blogger can host free of cost on the site.

#9. WordPress

We believe there is hardly anyone who might deny knowing WordPress. WordPress is one of the
Global leading platforms which is ideal for creating sites for blogging and other various purposes.
The WordPress accounts to have at least one third of the websites designed over the internet. The reason behind its popularity is the WordPress ability to deliver what exactly the user or the blogger may always be looking for. Hence such a blogging platform is created with the help of WordPress that the individual finds everything under one roof. With a handful customizations available it is possible to create a blog which will meet the requirements of the visitors over the web. At start to some new bloggers who are new to the blogging world may find it very much wrapped around features. But in the end, it being chosen by the major chunk in itself explains the reason of it being popular on a global scale.

#10. Tumblr

Tumblr is seen and considered as one of the most convenient free of cost platform for blogging to be used ever. The ambience of Tumblr is somewhat like a composition of both Twitter and WordPress. It has got something more to provide than the conclusion but however has the tendency to benevolence as compared to the compact result excluding the erstwhile. Ideal mobile applications turns out to be more convenient to publish content to Tumblr blog from any location, however it is excusably very convenient to make alterations (changes) to the subject to make it more personal and customized. While on the other hand has a hefty social touch with a medium of followers and following coupled with favorites and notes. Notwithstanding that try to be conscious that the service has a handful of adult content shuffled about. This may be quite a shocking or in other words astonishing fact.

#11. Blogger

The Blogger is a blogging platform which stands to be the oldest free of cost still in use functioning platform in the long run. The name is quite ideal as in the name itself it explains what purpose it serves or what service it delivers to the end users. Luckily it is what it states it is. All the individual before launching himself needs to sign in with the already existing Google ID. Later he can get a suitable blog posted or published on his blog which will be flourished over the web in a single click. And this all can be done in fraction of seconds. To take this even further, blogger allows the users to make the blog much more designed and decorated rather than it being just an old-style simple blog. While paying attention to the conclusion it is a Google subsidiary. So there is a slight fear of the closing down of the services from Google end. As it has been seen in millions of cases, Google abandons some service due to some reason unknown which was being used on a global scale. And hence everything which earlier was the skyscraper turns down to a ground zero in a fraction of seconds.


So far we have seen what all platforms being used and could be used by the people who wish to blog. As a matter of fact every platform mentioned here in the article is efficient in its own way. But as we all know there always room for improvements. Hence this means that even if the blog site is the best, there will be some other blog platform showing up with some additional features topping up over the other. And this goes on forever.

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