WorkFromHome Essential Eyewear Styles

The work from home routine during the times of a pandemic can be too tiring and boring. The lines between weekdays and weekends are too blurred. Have you been stuck on your seat, in front of the screen, for more hours than you can bear? 

The need of the hour is to break this monotony and infuse some fun to your daily routine. Since mostly your face is visible in virtual meetings, focusing on your glasses is the best bet during this pandemic. Read on! 

What to consider while choosing new glasses?

While purchasing a pair of specs online, there are a few things you must consider before you pay the bill.

These tips are essential to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable in front of digital screens for as long as you want:

  • Choose a lightweight frame

Since it has to rest on your nose for a very long time, the first thing to consider is the weight of the frame. You can easily find a good variety of acetate frames on different stores. Acetate is preferable as it is incredibly lightweight, comfortable and convenient for regular use. 

  • Get an anti-blue light coating

Blue light blocking technology is the latest revolution in the eyewear industry. The blue wavelength of the light, radiated by digital screens, can cause damage to your eyes. Hence, it is exceptionally crucial that you get an x-blue coating on your computer glasses.  

  • Make sure to purchase sturdy glasses

If you are too clumsy, or if your table is always messed up with things like pens, paperweight and computer equipment, you need a sturdy pair of glasses that are not vulnerable to cracks. You can choose to get impact-resistant lenses that prevent breakage to a great extent.

  • Pro tip: Buy a mini screwdriver

Spectacles tend to get loose after a few months of usage. And since it can get very frustrating to work with a frame that keeps sliding down on your nose, you need to tighten the specs’ screws as soon as they loosen. In this case, a mini screw-driver can always come handy so that you don’t have to rush to the optician to get them fixed.

Break the monotony with a cool pair of glasses

Who said you can’t get a fancy and stylish frame to protect you from the computer glare while working at home? Fashion is all about breaking the monotony of a dull lifestyle. 

Here are some latest trends in eyewear fashion that you can pick to pair with your pyjamas or for those virtual meetings:

  • The shape of the frame

For formal or semi-formal attire, sharp and edgy frame shapes can help to give a chic look. You can choose jawline-defining shapes like wayfarers or geometrical shapes. 

An all-time favourite of fashionistas, cat-eye frames are also getting extremely popular for office eyewear, especially for women’s glasses.

When it comes to formals, sticking to basics can be a safe way to pull off a great look. So, if you don’t want to experiment with your look, you can choose rectangular frames. 

If you wish to amp up your style game with sophistication, wooden frames can be a perfect match for your outfit. 

  • The colour of the frame 

Getting a little experimental with your look, you can go beyond the basic shades of black and brown to team up with your plain, formal attires. 

Acetate frames are available in a beautiful variety of transparent frames with a tint of light colours like pink, blue, green and beige. 

A perfect fit for men’s glasses, metal frames are the most preferred kind of spectacles and a classic choice for formal virtual meetings. What can be more pleasing than a sharp look of a spotless white shirt and a golden pair of classic round glasses?

How to avoid eye-strain while working for long hours? 

Here are some quick tips to help you avoid eye-strain if you have to work on your laptop or computer for an extended period of time:

  • When you blink, you help to evenly spread tears on your eyes and thus, prevent them from getting too dry. So, try to blink as many times as you can to keep your eyes refreshed. 
  • Eye drops are beneficial in keeping your eyes lubricated. Therefore, you must get a bottle of artificial tears, or any other eye drops recommended by your optician.
  • Next, make sure to adjust the brightness of the screen to an optimum level. Your screen should not be too bright or too dim as compared to the lighting in the room.
  • Again, anti-blue lenses are absolutely essential for you if you have to sit in front of a screen for more extended periods. As mentioned above, an anti-blue coating on the lenses helps to block the harmful blue rays in the screen light.

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