Using Sex Toys to Add Fun to a Relationship

Using Sex Toys to Add Fun to a Relationship

It’s well known that your sex life can lose steam in a long-term relationship and become routine. This not only makes sex uninteresting but also makes the relationship dull. Adding a sex toy is a great way to add novelty and fun to your relationship, and there are other good reasons to use sex toys. For many women, additional stimulation, especially for the clitoris, can help them reach orgasm more quickly. Vibrators positively impact desire, lubrication, orgasm, pain, and overall function. This is good news for both partners.

However, despite the benefits and the fact that most women now own at least one sex toy, they are often seen as something to be used alone. But in fact, a multifunctional vibrator is used between couples whether as a prop for foreplay or used in sex will be a good choice. Here are some tips for using a vibrator for the first time in a way that enhances intimacy, becomes fun and adds an extra spark to your bedroom.

Vibrators are not just for women

First of all, gentlemen you need to know that vibrators are not just for women only. It turns out that men are having sex with this trendy sex toy far more than we thought. Sex therapists, sex educators and doctors have long recommended trying out vibrators to help people overcome sexual barriers. The gadget is also highly recommended to enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction for individuals or couples. There is absolutely no shame in a man using a vibrator, everyone has the right to pursue sexual pleasure.

In fact studies have also found that the use of vibrators is associated with more positive sexual function. Men who reported recent use of a vibrator rated higher on sexual desire, erectile function, satisfaction with intercourse and orgasmic function. These studies further linked vibrator use to individuals being more positive about their sexual health. Those who reported use, especially recent use, were more likely to report taking active care of their sexual health, such as performing testicular self-exams.

Talk to each other

There is nothing shameful about wanting to play with a vibrator with your partner. Why wouldn’t you want to do something that brings you so much pleasure? Don’t feel the need to apologize or make excuses for yourself when you broach the subject. Taking your time and opening up to each other about sex will make introducing anything fun and new a little easier. Letting each other know what you think and feel is an important point in any long-term relationship. Any long-term couple knows that novelty is your sex life’s best friend. Although it may feel awkward at first, having  open conversations about sex is a key factor in couples having a satisfying sex life over the long term. The more you talk about sex, the easier it will become and the more you will enjoy yourselves.

Then try

If I were to recommend it, a clitoral vibrator would be a good choice. Because almost every woman needs external clitoral stimulation to experience an orgasm, a clitoral vibrator would have a suction device capable of precisely stimulating the clitoris. For men, a clitoral sucker is like a simple version of a male masturbator that can stimulate the head of the penis and the testicles as much as you want.

The other end of it is a vibrator that can stimulate the g-spot and anus, leading to endless combinations of fun. It isflexible enough to be bendable and can be used for dual penetration alone or in cooperation. Those promoting dual penetration will allow both partners to explore mixed orgasms by stimulating two erogenous zones at once because the compact shape doesn’t get in the way. Also you can bend it to the angle you want to explore more pleasurable areas of your body, and maybe find sensitive areas that you never found before. If you want to find different sex toys, you can check out the website called sohimi, a website dedicated to sex toys.

Extra Tips

Sex toys are an important tool for achieving sexual satisfaction and empowerment. They allow you to explore your own and each other’s bodies, exploring and uncovering all your hidden desires, an act that will ultimately give you a deeper insight into yourself and your partner’s mind. Vibrators can make masturbation almost effortless. Many ladies like to lay back, relax, and let the motor do the work. But when you’re with your partner, try to make sure you stay engaged with your partner rather than wallowing in vibrator bliss. At the same time, you can use lubricant before using a vibrator with your partner to avoid unnecessary injuries. And if you use a vibrator for penetrative behavior, please remember to bring a condom to prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses. Finally, remember to clean it up promptly after each use and store it properly. Safety always comes first.

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