Top 5 Windows Replacement Trends In 2020

Top 5 Windows Replacement Trends In 2020

If you had planned to rejuvenate the feel and appearance of your home this year, one of the things that should be in your home improvement list is windows replacement. Total Home windows and doors replacement is without a doubt, one of the best ways to give your home a new look.

Improve curb appeal is not the only thing that your will get when you install new windows but your home will be more energy efficient, comfortable and will allow natural light to enter into your home. With that said, we have compiled five key windows replacement trends that homeowners should embrace this year.

 1. Eco-Friendly Windows

The fact that most windows look the same doesn’t mean that they work the same. So, knowing this many homeowners are opting for energy saving windows for their windows replacement projects rather than going for the ordinary units. These windows come with double or triple-pane construction and a unique design in order to reduce energy loss drastically.

When it’s cold, these windows take heat from the outside and they don’t let it out. As such, a homeowner doesn’t need to keep the HVAC system on and that has proven to reduce energy consumption drastically.

2. Window Frames with Different Colors

When doing windows replacement you don’t want to be limited to one particular choice. Take for instance, traditional windows that came with boring and sometimes specific colors living you with little to know option to choose from.

However, that has since changed and nowadays vinyl windows come with varying colors and you are not limited to what you can choose from. With wide range of shades, you can choose from umber to green and back again.

This trend in window replacement gives you an opportunity to change the accent of your home whenever you like without interfering with the efficiency or the durability of your window units. Who wouldn’t feel happy when you are no longer restricted to white and brown colors?

3. Motorized Window Coverings

Perhaps you are thinking that it is devices that are being digitized nowadays. If that is your case, well, you might be in for a bombshell surprise as digitization has been extended to windows. In 2016, the motorized operating systems for window shades and blades were introduced but it was not until 2017 when people started using them. This system allows homeowners to easily operate their window treatments.

With this system, a homeowner can manipulate the window coverings while in any position in his house. Besides, it is an excellent system for improved safety of your home. With power options allowing you to use battery, they are an excellent option for existing homes as well as new homes.

4. Smart Windows

If you are planning to carry out windows replacement project, you should have heard about smart windows unless you have decided to stick to one particular window design.

Nowadays most offices and homes are going wireless and the best way they are doing this is through embracing technology. Window manufacturers are manufacturing digital windows that offer better functions compared to the other window styles. For example, some of these windows come with sensor glasses which rely on environmental impetus to adjust the shade of the window hence letting in more or less light or heat into your house.

In fact, according to window professionals, it is predicted that in the near future windows will come with connective glass allowing home-dwellers to connect it with their smartphones! I doubt you will not like use these smart windows when doing your window replacement.

5. Shutters

In 2020, homeowners are opting for shutters that offer excellent light control and privacy. Besides, the shutters should be superbly crafted, durable and have a classic style. Shutters are also quite versatile products and effortless to maintain and don’t pose any challenges to young children.

They are the best option for your hose as they also improve the curb appeal of your home as well as the existing architectural design.

So, if you wanted to do windows replacement, those are some of the window trends you should embrace this year.

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