Top 5 Icebreakers to Use When Entering Online Chat Rooms

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Starting a conversation with a new person can already feel intimidating enough. Now imagine striking up that conversation through a live video chat, where the stakes feel even higher.

You anxiously fix your hair, adjust your camera, and wait for someone new to pop up on your screen. Your pulse quickens as you rack your brain trying to think of the perfect thing to say to break the silence. Will you make a connection right off the bat or will you be faced with awkward crickets and shuffling in your seats?

Luckily, using the right icebreaker questions and opening lines in advance will save the day. Armed with these conversation starters, you can confidently start video chats that feel as comfortable as talking to an old friend. This article will provide 5  fun, lighthearted icebreakers guaranteed to kick your video chat off on the right foot.

Icebreaker #1: Ask About Their Hobbies

Once connected on a private video chat, smile warmly and ask, “What are some of your favorite hobbies you like doing for fun in your free time?” This allows them to talk about something they enjoy right off the bat. Plus, learning about shared hobbies is a great way to kickstart an engaging first conversation on a private video chat. For instance, if you both love hiking, you can swap stories about your favorite trails. Similarly, bonding over a mutual passion like painting or music can spark a meaningful chat.

Icebreaker #2: Share a Fun Fact

After introducing yourself on camera, grab their attention by saying, “Here’s a fun fact about myself that not many people know…” and then share something quirky or unusual about yourself. For example, mention an obscure talent, funny fear, or lighthearted childhood story. Opening up with something personal like this immediately sets a casual, conversational tone. Plus, sharing vulnerabilities has a way of drawing people in. In turn, they may open up with a fun fact of their own, sparking a lively exchange as you get to know each other.

Icebreaker #3: Compliment Their Look

Once you can see each other live on the private video chat, break the tension by smiling warmly and paying them a sincere compliment like “Hey, I absolutely love your hairstyle – the color looks awesome on you!” or “That shirt looks so cool on camera!” Little observant compliments like these build an instant rapport. It sets the tone that you’re thoughtful and friendly. Plus, people universally enjoy receiving genuine praise. As a result, the recipient will likely return the gesture, creating a positive and comfortable dynamic right off the bat. An appropriate physical compliment can work wonders at connecting quickly on video chat.

Icebreaker #4: Comment on Their Background

Lean into the live video chat medium by saying “That bookshelf I see behind you caught my eye – I love those sci-fi novels too! What else do you enjoy reading?” or “Your puppy in the background is so cute! What’s their name?” Noticing and commenting on something distinctive in their environment is a great observational opener. It immediately gives you something specific to bond over. And because it’s about their space, it piques their interest too. In short, conversing about backgrounds you can see through the camera builds common ground and gets video chats flowing smoothly.

Icebreaker #5: Challenge Them to a Game

In a playful tone, say, “I bet I can make a sillier face than you! Let’s have a silly face-off to break the ice.” Or suggest playing an interactive game like rock-paper-scissors or thumb wars. Participating in a quick visual game through the private video chat makes the conversation more lively and fun. It also gives you something to laugh about together right off the bat. Most importantly, it begins to build fond memories that personalize the interaction. An inviting game invitation can accelerate a sense of connection rapidly during an initial private video chat.


Equipped with the right icebreakers, you can transform stilted video chats into comfortable conversations that feel like reuniting with old friends. Next time you enter a private video chat room, break the tension with these proven, playful conversation starters. Before you know it, the words will flow naturally, and you just may meet your new BFF! Ultimately, a dash of confidence and creativity is all it takes to master the art of memorable first impressions.

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