The Top Mens Haircuts You’ll Want to Consider In 2020

Top Mens Haircuts

Some mens haircuts need no introduction for being timeless and classic, while other cuts make the men’s fashion change at lightspeed. On the way to developing a unique style and making it express a great taste, modern men should try different ideas until they find the one that perfectly matches their image and inner-self.

As modern fashion dictates its rules, it’s so hard to preserve the individuality in mens haircuts. However, it doesn’t apply to all the cuts available today. And, together with trend-seekers and hair addicts from, we’ve made a gallery of the most desirable haircuts that allow for customizations and look different on every man.

Discover the most prominent haircuts for men of all time: from classics to trends!

Popular Mens Haircuts That Allow for Experiments

Whether you choose from ideas that stood the test of time or you’d like to go with something fresh and newly emerged, you won’t go wrong starting with the most popular looks. And here they are!

The Buzz

The minimalistic, masculine, and stylish buzz has something more for men to offer besides a restrained look. Even though the cut is short and tight, you can always complement it with a faded transition to give it a bit of an edge. Or, you can put your signature on the look with the help of shaved designs.


That’s the kind of haircuts that speak for themselves. The very first version of the cut dates back to as early as the 1920s, and it was considered the latest fashion twist at that time. Nothing has changed about it, except for its versatility: now, you can individualize the cut in any way you please. From various fades, texture choices, and length graduations, the good old undercut has everything you need for a unique look.

The High & Tight

Having a military background, the high and tight still keeps the wearer’s hair clean, neat, and minimalistic. But, it doesn’t stand still in terms of the texture, so everyone can give a fresh take at the classic look by pairing it with a fade, hard part, or spike-like texture.

Crew Cut

Initially, the crew cut was nothing but a short cut with short sides graduating into a slightly longer top. The classic version, however, is still one of the most popular picks of celebrities. Less is more, huh? But if you want to breathe a new character in the cut, you are free to do that! You can experiment with the length on top, add a textured feel to it, as well as accentuate the sides with a taper or fade.

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Caesar Cut

As the name suggests, that’s the haircut of the leader. Still, it’s gained huge recognition among men of all ages just recently. The medium-thick cut with horizontally cut bangs has turned out to be a fantastic complement for men who love to experiment with their hair. Not only does it give a frame to the front but it also gives a lot of room for customizations. You can enhance the look with choppy texture, add some asymmetry to the bangs, play with the top, and finish the sides as you want.

Hard Part + Short Pomp

The hard part looks sophisticated and masculine at the same time, working great for both casual and formal occasions. In fact, you can add this twist to any haircut if you want to visually amp up the silhouette or add some dapper vibes. Today, men love to pair it with a short pompadour for its flexible and versatile nature: the top can be anything from sleek to relaxed.

Textured High Fade

Although fades are rather an addition to mens haircuts, they can drastically change the look of the wearer. A high fade, with its clean, smooth, and contrastive finish, looks exceptional with longer tops. Once you get the look, you can try on different styles, from tousled and messy to sleek and textured.

Curly Top + Mid Fade

Since curls are hard to tame in most cases, they need a special approach. Well, there’s nothing like a balanced mid fade for the unruly texture. This fade will not just keep those curls in place; it will make the whole look more manageable, allowing you to style the curls in a variety of ways.

Crew Cut Fade

Just like cheese and wine, the classic crew cut and modern fade haircuts complement one another perfectly. Again, you are free to play around with the texture on top, transition on the sides, and shaved designs. The great news is, whatever you choose, your hair will look immaculate.

Shaggy Waves

For men who prefer longer styles, a shag is just the perfect option. This haircut involves layering that gives a more defined shape to the hair, making it more flexible for styling. That is, you can easily transform the cut into surfer’s waves, pull off a man bun, or even rock the popular man braid.

Every man wants to find the haircut that will not only work for him but will also be his signature look. But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from popular ideas. On the contrary, some of them can be so different if you take a creative and personal approach to them. Now that you know which styles won’t make you look like others, you are close to finding your haircut!

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