The History of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

History of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

When you think of a jacuzzi hot tub, do you imagine relaxation, and stress relief? Perhaps you imagine the warmth, the bubbles, or the smell of the calming water? Whatever comes to mind when you imagine jacuzzi hot tubs, they all do the same thing — they bring pleasure and enjoyment. But where did jacuzzi hot tubs originate? How do you know which jacuzzi to buy? Let’s explore jacuzzis in more depth, and find out which one is right for you.

History of the Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Ever since the 4th century, when hot, thermal springs, and public bathhouses were the norm, hot tubs — or calderas — came to be. These designs were marble bathtubs lined with hot stones to heat the water, carried from a furnace. In Japan, furos — or wooden bathtubs — came in ryokans, or Japanese inns; these tubs were a luxury that spread to the U.S. in the 1940s.

But after the Jacuzzi family immigrated to California from Italy in the early part of the 20th century, they made their living as inventors. In 1956, when a Jacuzzi family member began to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, the brothers used their hydraulics know-how to design a hydrotherapy pump — the J-300. This portable and sustainable pump converted standard bathtubs into invigorating spas, catapulting the wellness industry. But it wasn’t until 1968 when Roy Jacuzzi designed the first whirlpool bath known as the Roman that the world understood hot tubs as we know them today. His creation had integrated jets with a 50-50 air-to-water ratio.

Overview of the Jacuzzi Product Line

From quality jets to the overall design, and from hydrotherapy massage to ergonomic seats, the Jacuzzi product lines are complete with nothing but the best. Every jacuzzi on the Jacuzzi product lines has features that will benefit your overall enjoyment and wellness.


The right set of jets deliver the best results. The elite, adaptable PowerPro jets utilize Aqualibrium — or the perfect mix of water and air — to supply the high-flow, low-pressure hydromassage you want.

Jet Placement

The adjustable, and optimal placement of PowerPro jets provides relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation. By targeting small muscles in your feet, and legs, and covering your full neck and back, Jacuzzi’s uniquely manufactured jets have perfect construction that’s hard to surpass.

Ergonomic Seating

Each seat and headrest are ergonomically devised, following the shape of the human form to correctly position your body to maximize the jacuzzis’ hydromassages.


With a reputable background in dependability, and reliability, the Jacuzzi brand prides itself on manufacturing its products with the finest materials available to guarantee a more exceptional product. By conducting over 250 quality checks to meet strict inspection criteria, the Jacuzzi brand is sure to engineer the quality parts you see, and the quality parts you don’t.

J-500 Collection

With a unique curved design, and exterior architectural lighting, the new luxury J-500 collection is sure to exceed your expectations. More than just a hot tub, this collection consists of exceptional products with dual ProEdge Waterfalls, and interior illumination. With a therapeutic lounge seat for a full-body massage, and a new placement jet for the wrist, these models are sure to meet your hydrotherapy needs. This collection includes the following models:

  • J-575
  • J-585

J-400 Collection

The J-400 collection hosts rotational PowerPro jets, a unique high-back design, and adjustable headrests. With premium lighting and a backlit waterfall, you’ll feel like you’re in the lap of luxury. From accessible, compact models to jetted cool-down seats, the J-400 collection is the host of six models that are sure to surpass your expectations. The models include:

  • J-425
  • J-435
  • J-445
  • J-475
  • J-485
  • J-495

J-300 Collection

This collection has PowerPro jets and adjustable headrests, and comes complete with ergonomically designed models, equipped with advanced control panels. The smallest model seats 2-3, while the other models sit anywhere from 4-7. The J-300 collection has the following models:

  • J-385
  • J-375
  • J-365
  • J-355
  • J-345
  • J-335
  • J-325
  • J-315

J-200 Collection

The J-200 Collection offers models of quality and value at an economical price. The collection comes complete with ergonomically placed jets, a two-part water treatment operation, and multi-colored illumination. The J-200 collection models include:

  • J-280
  • J-275
  • J-245
  • J-235
  • J-225
  • J-215
  • J-210

Tips for Choosing the Right Model

When it comes to purchasing a jacuzzi, what features should you ask about? Your investment is important, and that is why the following factors should be considered when choosing the right model.

  • Jets and Massage. Are they adjustable? Is massage your priority?
  • Quality Materials. Is the material made in a durable, acrylic shell? Is it stain and scratch-resistant?
  • Water Management. How good is the filtration? Does the model use technology to simplify water care?
  • Portable vs. In-Ground. Does it have comfortable, versatile options? Is it easy to maintain?
  • Dimensions. How many people can sit? What’s the purpose of the hot tub?
  • Seating. How frequently will you use the jacuzzi? Who will use it?
  • Covers. How tightly does the cover fit? Is the cover designed specifically for your product?
  • Entertainment and Convenience. Do you want your smartphone to remotely control the music, lights, temperature, and jets?

Warranty Information

Quality products will come with an excellent, straightforward warranty. A comprehensive, 5-year warranty is a sign the manufacturer is willing to guarantee its customers get quality products. When buying a jacuzzi, ensure the warranty covers the exterior of the jacuzzi and the interior components like the pump, heater, and controls as well. Purchase your product from a reputable company with good reviews, and double-check the warranty’s fine print.

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