The Go-To Accessories to Upgrade Your Lehenga Choli Look

The elegant Lehenga choli is an Indian ethnic outfit that has a lavish look. Especially, when worn by brides together with its accessories, designs, and matchings it brings out an elegant ensemble. The more it transforms in various designs, the more beautiful it makes the wearer look. This is an Indian outfit that every Indian girl should have in their wardrobe. That is best to adorn to when they need to add some grace and charm to their look. The accessories that are used to pair it is also an essential part of upgrading ones look and to show off your personality as well. Here are some of the go-to accessories other than the earrings and necklaces that you can adorn to upgrade your Lehenga choli look. 


Other parts of the world call the bindi the red dot on the forehead. However, the bindi is not only that but it is an accessory that is easily forgotten while accessorizing on your wedding day. Thus, when you shop for your crop top Lehenga for wedding online and other ensembles ensure you get the bridal bindi according to which you prefer. The bindi is important for it is a sign of a woman’s strength and energy. Although the Maang tikkas are replacing bindi for the fear of the tikkas removing the bindi. But if you need both accessories on, it is possible to have them both. Just ensure while wearing the Maang tikka it stays well put to avoid having to adjust it away from the bindi. Choose the bindi design that you admire according to the shape of your face and add it as part of your accessory.

Maang Tikkas 

The varieties that are available for the Maang tikka are wild. Hence every bride should have the opportunity to choose which one they prefer. There are the oversized Maang tikkas that the bold brides wear and are ready to carry all the weight they have and look elegant in it. Although, the craze right now is of one design known as the Borla style Maang tikka . It is a trendy piece of Maang tikka that was worn by a Bollywood star in a movie they were starring and it was loved since then. Another one with a similar effect that brings out a majestic look is the nawabi style half Matha Patti wore in a side-swept style. There are many others that one can opt for but it is important to try several before choosing what seems best to them.

Hair accessories 

Hair embellishments are an important piece when adorning a Lehenga choli look. They are also dependent on the type of Lehenga choli that you are wearing to know whether to do a simple do or the over the top hair do. There are many styles that one can choose from but also the type of hairstyle you go for is a factor as well. A tiara, flowers or pretty hair jewelry adds the glam when you have a bun or plaits on. For these accessories, flowers are the most sensitive for most of them choose fresh flowers. And it is important to keep them looking in the element especially as a bride you need to know when to put them on since they shrink off fast.


This is a bridal nose ring that you can see a lot on Indian brides from their soap operas. The nose ring is one of the least copied Indian jewelry around the world. It remains a go-to Indian bridal jewelry. It helps transform your look as a bride and it is easily noticeable for it grabs attention quickly. They are also in various types from loose hanging ones to small dainty nose pins. Every Indian bride has this in the to go to bridal jewelry bucket as a necessary accessory. Additionally, the important accessory when you have your Maang tikka at the top, then the bindi, and the Nathni all you need to add for the perfect flow of accessories is a smile. The biggest and brightest smile is always the winning accessory.

The arm Patti 

Also known as the baju band this accessory is worn on the upper arm. It helps add some gorgeousness to the Mehendi that you applied and your entire arm has a dressy look. This accessory is seen with many brides in other parts of the world in various designs. They are in various stones from the usual gold, silver, and other precious gemstones designs. Hence choosing the right one carefully that matches with other pieces of jewelry you are wearing is vital. The fit is also in several styles from the chain style, bangle-style choker and thread style. All in all, choose one that is worn for your special day and stand out from other brides.


This is a traditional waistband that is best used as an accessory to highlight your figure. It is used when you drape a Lehenga choli in a way it needs to hold together in one position. This is common if you are using a dupatta and you drape it in a way you need a Kamarband to maintain it in the same position. You can experiment with it in various ways. To have the ensemble looking complete ensure that the waistband is of the same color as your choli. And watch how fabulous this accessory transforms your entire ensemble.


Not any type of shoe upgrades your Lehenga choli look. The selection of footwear is a smart and big decision to make. Especially in the wedding events that you do not need to walk barefoot. Choose some beautiful sleek pair of heels that are comfortable. Add a payal in case your ankles are exposed you will have an accessory hiding beneath there. Plus, it can get the photographers’ eye and you will have a beautiful ankle shoot captured. Choose a beautiful payal as much as it is beneath your Lehenga most of the time.

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