The Best Outdoor Workouts to Do in NYC During the Winter

winter exercise

Winter in New York City can be a magical time. Whether you are in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn or another borough, a soft snowfall with large flakes, especially in the early evening, can transform the city. It is a nice time to be outdoors and work on your fitness level. To begin with, playing and working in the snow can lift your heart rate while you are having fun. You can shovel your sidewalk or help a neighbor get a car out of a snowdrift. Creating a snowman is also an opportunity for some exercise. Winter bike commuting is a practical way to get some exercise in the winter months. Be sure to dress appropriately and to take care when riding. Follow these tips for safe biking:

  • Ride on wide tires with good traction
  • Turn on lights at all times
  • Maintain your bike properly
  • Watch the weather and road conditions
  • Relax and enjoy

It is especially critical to choose the right tires. A fat tire bike will allow you to keep your balance when encountering slick conditions.

Other Ways To Enjoy the City While on the Move

Biking is an excellent winter activity, but many other outdoor exercise ideas are worth exploring. NYC is a superb place to for a run. Few cityscapes offer better scenery. Pick a route that takes you past the Statue of Liberty, Times Square or the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. In common with other exercises, running strengthens your immune system and releases endorphins that promote mental health. These other options are also good ways to exercise and have fun:

  • Climb the many stairs of the city whenever possible
  • Do some quick jump roping outside your building
  • Work some lunges into a walk
  • Find a suitable place for wind sprints

A beach or a spot along the Hudson River gives you space to engage in some fast runs. This is one of the quickest ways to increase your cardiovascular health. It also can help with weight loss.

More Information on City Biking

If you enjoyed biking this summer and fall, the winter offers additional opportunities to get out on two wheels. NYC usually has a mix of wintry weather and some very nice days, too. When the temperature is near freezing or above and the sun is shining, you can spend a couple of hours on your bicycle and shake off the winter blues. Many suitable models exist for quality women’s bikes. Ladies can choose from hybrid styles that still go fast but have a sturdy frame and robust tires or a fat tire bike with four-inch tires that can handle all but the biggest New York snowstorms. With upright handlebars and an ergonomic frame, a good winter bike keeps you comfortable, and the exercise helps you stay warm while others bundle up in heavy coats. Plus, biking is too much fun to go several months without riding. It could be activity you have been looking for this winter.

Exercise is one way to thrive during the coming winter. Shop online for the perfect bike to match the season.

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