Steps to Prevent Rats from Entering Your House

Rats are pretty closely linked to human beings. It is so because they get everything they need to survive in a typical household. Are you suffering from a rat infestation? You may call for experts because they know the basic things that need to be done to keep the rats away from your home.

You may say that rats are also called scavengers, and they don’t require too much to survive. All they need is food, shelter, and water. Since rats eat anything, they get food through leftovers in every kitchen. Moreover, they can live without water for four weeks. Rats typically search for a safe place that they can call their home. They want protection from their predators and some warmth which is why there is increased rodent activity, especially during the cold months.

How to keep rodents away?

The best way to keep rats away from your house is to prevent infestation. Once the infestation starts, then it isn’t easy to get rid of it.

Fill up all cracks and holes

Rodents easily slip into holes; therefore, check for any openings in your house. Suppose you notice any open space, take proper measures to seal it with appropriate materials. You can use either cement, plaster, or even steel wool. Sealing the entry point is highly effective in keeping rodents away.

Avoid feeding

Rats are resourceful; as such, they try to find things around your property. Become diligent when you are dealing with them. Keep the garbage cans covered all the time. Pick up produce from your garden as soon as it ripens. Don’t leave food leftovers. Store all kinds of pet food in rodent-proof containers. They use all types of entry points if they are hunting for food. Hence, you can only keep them out if you limit food resources.

Could you get rid of their habitat?

Don’t give place to these rodents. Remove all kinds of unused old appliances from your house. If you have piles of wood or lumber, keep them away from your place. Moreover, it would help if you avoided heavy vegetation because they use it as an excellent hiding site.

Try rat repellent

The market is filled with various rat repellents, such as essential oils, that deter their entry. You can say that is one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep rats away from your property as long as you are not providing them with a food source. If you offer them food sources, no matter what smell you use, they will come into your house. Always remember that rat infestation is the hardest to get rid of, so take necessary precautions to avoid attracting them to your place.

Try using poisons and baits

Baits and poisons are not something that you can use inside your house, but they should be kept outside. Rodents can spread poison, making it dangerous for pets and kids. As such, whatever you set a bait, ensure it is an enclosed container. Keep the container in places where pets and kids cannot reach.

Inspect your neighborhood

Mostly rats are our common neighborhood issue. If you have a rat infestation, it is quite usual that you are not the only one handling it, as there might be more people in the neighborhood dealing with it. Join together with neighbors and find community areas where rat activity takes place. Use effective methods, or you may even call a rat control expert from Spectrum Pest Control to remove rodents from these community areas.

Rat infestation is a menace!

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