Silk Pillowcases: For a Smoother Hair While You Sleep

Silk Pillowcases

Waking up without tangled hair is a dream of many women, but it seems that it is only possible in fairytales and movies. In reality, we typically go out of bed with dry and messy hair.

Have you ever wondered why our hair doesn’t look beautiful when we wake up no matter how we condition it with expensive hair products?

Maybe it is an indication that your pillowcases have something to do with damaging your hair every night. Let’s find out how pillowcases affect our hair when we sleep and what pillowcases can help you achieve shiny and smoother hair.

Reasons Why Your Pillowcase Is Damaging Your Hair

Most of us are used to sleeping with pillows in cotton pillowcases. However, only a few know that it is a major contributor to problems on our hair.

Cotton pillowcases can make your hair frizzy, especially when you are used to sleeping with a wet har. Your hair creates more friction against a pillowcase made of cotton while you sleep.

Moreover, cotton pillowcases can make your hair dry and frizzy because it absorbs the natural oil from it, which causes it to be brittle and prone to breakage. Having knots in your hair is also a result of continuously using cotton pillowcases. Cotton fibers prevent your hair from smoothly sliding against it when you are sleeping, thus creating knots.

To alleviate this problem, try a pillowcase made of silk. But before you go and type ‘pillowcase silk’ in the search bar to look for silk pillowcases online, you should first read about the benefits a pillowcase like this can offer to your hair.

Silk Pillowcases Can Fix Hair Problems

Silk is a natural protein fiber that helps your hair stay healthy while sleeping. Silk fabrics are smooth and cause little friction against your hair, which doesn’t snag it, preventing frizz and knots. Moreover, silk does not absorb the natural oils from your hair while you rest, making it shiny, healthy, and smooth. 

According to a famous salon owner in New York City, John Corbett, sleeping on silk can also preserve your hair’s style during your slumber. He added that his favorite women’s beauty tip is wrapping the hair with a silk scarf to maintain its style.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcasedoes not make your hair flat since it does not increase the oils your scalp is naturally producing.

Sleeping on Silk and Satin Pillowcases Are Good for Your Hair

Silk Satin

Silk satin is the best combination of all types of fabrics, which is not too glossy and not too dull. Ideally, it has long been favored since it’s an exceptional fabric made with a technique that involves a long process of weaving.

Oozing opulence, pure satin is a commodity of immense interest, with a luxurious look and sound- which are just a few reasons you should opt for silk satin. Sleeping on these pillowcases can give you smooth and moisturized hair. It can repel moist, unlike cotton fabrics that make your hair dry.

Also, it causes less friction that helps eliminate the formation of split ends. You won’t need to spend too much money visiting the salon just to cut those split ends. Unlike cheaper polyester versions that can cause static electricity and friction terrible for your hair, silk satin doesn’t cling. Silk is a soft material superior among fabric, making it a common choice for beddings and pillowcases, which adds a touch of luxury and glamour to your bedroom.

The Mulberry Silk

This is the most luxurious silk among all types of silk. It undergoes a long process just to become one of the best materials in the market. Domesticated silkworms produce it, only eating mulberry leaves to ensure they will only secrete the finest liquid silk, commonly called natural silk fiber. A natural mulberry silk fiber is the purest fiber used in creating silk fabric, which is one of the reasons why it can be a bit expensive.

Mulberry silk is very lightweight, absorptive of moisture, and soft. It also contains over eighteen amino acids, which can help repair your hair cells. You will enjoy the added benefits of protein by using pillowcases made of mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk is also hypoallergenic, so there’s nothing to worry about any instances of an allergic reaction. Anyone can enjoy the comfort it offers. You can never go wrong with mulberry silk products. Although they can be a bit hefty, they are worth the extra money.


Silk is your best friend in keeping your hair stylish, healthy, and smooth without spending lots of money on hair products. Don’t hesitate to invest your money in a good night’s sleep and better hair care by changing your beddings and pillowcases to silk fabric. Say goodbye to all your hair problems and sleep like a fairytale princess with your new silk pillowcases.

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