7 cool and classic short hairstyles for working women

hairstyles for working women

Being a woman is tough. Being a working woman is tougher. It is because you have to be ready simultaneously for both your office and your home. It requires a perfect appearance in both the spheres. And your hair becomes an integral part of your appearance. Well, you are beautiful and you can carry all the styles. But you must remember, you cannot go with a shaved head in your office although you can carry it well. You need to have a formal yet fashionable haircut that will suit your profile and make you look beautiful and confident. 

You might want to trim your own hair if you are well accomplished at it and we would suggest the Andis Slimline Pro Li model of trimmer, it is the best device to trim your hair. It will trim your hair properly because of the grip provided by the handle and the easy to use technology. 

The fashions that can be developed through this trimmer are:

Smooth Bob

It is the most popular and most easy haircut to maintain for any woman. If you want to wear short hair, it is the best option if you don’t really have time for maintenance. The length of your hair at the back must be long and must be able to touch the back part of your neck. It suits women with straight hair. One can also cut soft bangs to compliment the smooth bob.

Sleek Pixie

Do you think the smooth bob doesn’t actually go with you? Well, you can consider the sleek pixie cut. The edges and the back of your hair must be rightly trimmed. They are shorter than the rest of the hair. The front is longer. Some salon products must be used regularly to maintain the sleekness of the hair. The haircut must not be too striking for workplaces. The formal setups do not hold such pretty styles.

The Pixie with Long Bangs

Bangs which are long are much in fashion with fashion trendy women. This haircut has long side bangs with a shortened back region. Add layers to the bangs to elevate the looks. The length of the bangs can be cut according to one’s preference. It can be a very long bang or slightly above eyes. It can be a bit lower which is very attractive.

Straight Lob

A long bob is called lob. It requires a good deal of hair. At least shoulder length hair must be present. It is a very chic style to adopt and it complements most facial structures. The side plate or the middle region of the hair can be cut in this method. You must increase the volume of your hair to suit your profile even better.

The Pompadour

Want to appear retro? Pompadour will work to bring the best out of your face in your favorite pomade or wax. The hair can be sept to a side or brushed back. There must be enough volume in your hair. The pomade or wax holds your hair in place. The wear can be tight or loose. The perfect look for your hair can be achieved this way.

Asymmetrical Pixie

A pixie with lots and lots of volume can be made into an asymmetrical pixie with layers. It gives you a fresh and bright look. The instant look will require more length on the front than the back. The asymmetrical design can have side bangs room with more volume the design will look very choppy and cool in sense and makes you feel young.

Textured Bob

Your bob with texture and volume will give you an entirely new look. You don’t always need to wear your bob straight. It will require a longer length on the front and a side which will be glamorous with textures and layers. The style goes with both formal and informal occasions.

So, still thinking? Grab your andis slimline pro li to bring out these classy styles to your handsome head. Adapt this and you will be the best looking woman at your workplace and parties without much effort. Let your colleagues stare and wonder about the secret of your beauty. You will walk with elegance and style wherever you go.

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