Shopping in Thailand Cities

Shopping in Thailand Cities

Visitors flock to Thailand’s nature escapes, islands, and sacred sites every year. If you’ve ticked those activities off the list, or are a bit of a shopaholic, read on! Shopping is available to you throughout the country. Today, we’ll be looking at shopping in Bangkok to Pattaya. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Our first three stops will be in Bangkok. If you’re there over a weekend, stop by the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It’s open from Friday through Sunday night every weekend. Merchant stalls like the market giving you plenty of opportunities to find something to take home with you. You’ll be pleased to know food booths are sprinkled throughout. Shopping and eating: blissful. 

Before you go, learn a few Thai numbers and phrases because here negotiation is expected. You can test your haggling skills, even though items are cheap, to begin with. Locals say you’ll get better prices by speaking some Thai with the vendors.

River City Bangkok Mall

Located next to the Chao Phraya River is the River City Bangkok Mall. Collectible items and antiques are this mall’s forte, so history-buffs will be happy to visit. Enjoy looking through jewelry and home decor while you take in the river views. 

Ro Fai Night Market

Breathe in even more fresh air at the Ro Fai Night Market. This shopping center is notorious for its open concept layout. It’s behind a shopping mall and has three huge sections. Visitors note that this market has plenty of variety and feels less-touristy. Items that you find in the antique section are known to be genuinely sourced from countries all over the world. 

Mike Shopping Mall in Pattaya

In Pattaya, you’ll find several shopping centers that are worth taking the taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya. Once you’ve arrived in Pattaya, be sure to head over to the Mike Shopping Mall. This mall, which covers the whole block, is home to your standard Thai souvenirs. The prices are quite low and sees many visitors in the hot summer months. If you brought your appetite with you, there is a food court on a higher level. 

The Avenue

The Avenue shopping mall is host to all you could need in a shopping facility. The Avenue is located on a beach road and is recommended by locals in the area. Younger generations are catered to with shops of their liking. You can even play a game of bowling or catch a movie here. 

Pattaya Night Bazaar

Pattaya Night Bazaar is last on our trip to the city. There’s another name for this market, “Made in Thailand” due to its goods being 90% local handcrafts. If your friend back home is a fan of Thai culture, this would be the place get an authentic gift. If you’re here during the first part of your trip, stock up on beach items for the hot weather. Note to eat before shop, this location is food-free. 

Grab that taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya and don’t forget your reusable bags; we’re going shopping! You’ll be sure to find a trinket to take back to everyone, especially since you haggled the prices. Thailand’s culture shines through these markets and you’ll take home memories and memorabilia.

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