Sexual Orientation: the Truth Behind Being a Heterosexual

Sexual Orientation

One of the many reasons why the LGBTQ community and the heterosexuals have problems is because most times, the heterosexuals believe they are the most morally inclined” set of humans. This mentality is because we have been so used to the traditional man and woman coming together as one maxim that we neglect the course of gender identity and sexual orientation. If you are a lover of porn – trans porn in particular, then you must have seen a scripted video in this regard. Most trans porn videos are such that they come with a little of story regarding the transformation and the reasons. Porn movies sometimes have proven not to be entirely bad as the oldies have portrayed it to be. You just need to focus on the correct usage.

Heterosexuals are those that are sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Nonetheless, the concept of heterosexuality doesn’t make heterosexuals better than lesbians or bisexuals. The main focus is that you own your body and choose to be recognized as a member of any community. If you want to be bisexuals, or a lesbian, or even pansexual, you have to be sure you are comfortable with that decision and if that is what you truly desire. Most times, most individuals appear as lesbians, and along the line, they break down and go back to being heterosexual. No, that’s not how this works; you first need to be convinced that your sexual orientation is not what it used to be. So, you should note that sexual orientation is not a one-time discovery; neither is it constant. As you age, both physically and mentally, you begin to experience changes on every level, and that includes your sexual orientation as well as your gender identity. Be sure to watch out for this two as they help you know what you genuinely want sexually.

Is it possible to be 100% heterosexual?

Of course, yes, there are quite many entirely heterosexual individuals. They seem to be the largest chunk of them all. It’s not a big deal if you are heterosexual, it doesn’t make you better than others, and it doesn’t make you any less either. If you can identify as being heterosexual, congratulations on finding what works for you.

However, if you want to explore your sexuality or find out what indeed amuses you, you should try seeing trans porn videos. These videos could help you determine your sexual orientations and could also be an appropriate means of getting evaluation of your gender identity.

How do I explore my sexual orientation?

Understanding your body is beyond what society or parents have informed you. It involves you deliberately knowing what makes you happy and going for it. There are, however, several means of achieving this and here are some of them;

Porn consumption:

Pornography is one of the best means of exploring one’s sexuality. If you want to be sure you are 100% heterosexual, you should probably see porn clips, possibly trans porn, to determine what amuses you sexually. Porn consumption is not as awkward as most of us have been told; it’s such that it could be used to understand one’s interests.

Be more open-minded:

You won’t know who the next person is unless you are open-minded. Keeping an open mind would allow you the possibility of getting to know the next person. Understand their culture, heritage, beliefs and, sexual orientation. You’d be surprised at what you have in common with other individuals; however, you won’t know this if you don’t explore/communicate. Being outspoken is not being nosy; it’s simply the first step in making friends and exploring.

Be enthusiastic and adventurous:

Not everybody would be heterosexual. However, there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic and enthusiastic about exploring your sexual orientation. If you have bisexual friends, don’t be too quick to judge them or make them feel any less of themselves. Instead, make their adventures yours and treat them with such respect. Doing this, you get to learn a great deal from them regarding what they identify themselves as and the reason for their decision.

As established above, your sexual orientation is not constant, and it’s not a one-time thing. There’s a huge possibility of a change in sexual orientation as you grow older. However, one of the most interesting means of exploring your sexuality is through pornography. Irrespective of your sexual orientation, be it bisexual, heterosexual, pansexual, lesbian or gay, we are all bound to change, especially regarding sexuality and gender identities.

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