Selfieccino- Your Personalized Coffee!

If Americano and Cappuccino aren’t enough, you can now also indulge in the Selfieccino.
Remember the Coffee Art videos that have been viral for so many years? Intricate designs on froth?Well the Selfieccino has your own portrait on the froth.

Cafes that serve the Selfieccino are gradually coming up in different parts of the world. Customers can share their selfie with the café and get their own face printed on their coffee or hot chocolate!
The owner of Tea Terrace, a café in London that has been serving Selfieccinos since last year is of the opinion that social media has changed the way we consume food and drinks. It is not enough to serve good food and service. Everything has to be Instagram worthy!

So how does this work?

It’s simple. Just click a selfie and send it to the barista via a messaging app. Your photo will then be uploaded to the Cino machine while your drink will be positioned below it. The machine recreates your picture using flavourless food colouring on the froth of your drink that serves as the canvas. The whole process doesn’t take much time either.
It is important to make sure that the froth is evenly layered out so that the selfies can be properly drawn.
The Selfieccino and pictures of it became an instant rage using the hashtag #Selfieccino when Tea Terrace launched it in December 2017. Soon other cafes started serving this popular food art item and you can now enjoy it in some cafes in Mumbai as well.

If you’re a coffee lover as well as a Selfie addict; the Selfieccino is definitely a magical indulgence!

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Shwetank Gupta July 21, 2018 at 8:55 pm

Yes, i heard these types of coffees in Pune;yet need to try it.

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