Qualities to Look for in a Business Car

Dashboard of a Toyota

It can be daunting to buy your first business car if you are not sure what features to look for. In 2021, there are a few must-have features that will make the daily commute significantly easier.

Keyless Entry System

It can be very convenient to start and close your car without using the key. Most modern cars also allow drivers to open additional doors and even the boot from afar. 

As a business person with loads of documents and work-load, this feature is absolutely essential since you won’t always be able to approach the car with free hands. Cars with an advanced keyless entry system include the brand new RAV4 and Toyota Prius.  

GPS Navigation

GPS navigation is a useful feature for many drivers, especially if they aren’t well versed with local roads. Most navigation systems also inform drivers about up-to-date traffic situations that can prevent accidents. 

However, if you live just a few miles away from work, you probably don’t need the navigation system. It’s worth noting that the GPS system can drain the battery on your dashboard, so it may not be such a good choice for shorter journeys.  

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you frequently make and receive phone calls from your business car, it’s important to make sure you do so while being on the right side of the law. A business car with Bluetooth connectivity can let you make and receive phone calls with ease. Depending on the car’s features, a voice system could narrate emails and texts to you while you drive the car. This ensures you can stay current with the day-to-day affairs of your company without getting too distracted. 

Car Speakers 

Driving long distances without pause can be a dull experience. Why not fill this time with good quality music? Mode Modern cars come with high-quality speakers that are compatible with most smartphones, MP3 players, iPods, and others. 

Home Assist

It is now possible for your car’s infotainment system to connect with IoT devices in your home. This allows you to adjust the HVAC system, turn the lights on, and lock the door while you’re still in the car. Moreover, you can also use a voice assist tool like Amazon’s Alexa to improve the overall security of your house (and other properties). 

In addition, some cars also come with features such as remote voice control that allow you to lock and unlock the doors, control the interior’s climate, and others.  

Size of the Car

Consider the number of passengers and amount of goods you will be transporting from one place to another. Take into account all the journeys your car will make and figure out much space you will need. Depending on your specific arrangement, you may need to buy a van to complete all work-related tasks. It helps to compare your wants vs. needs for best results. 

Look at the Aesthetics

Think of your business car as an extension of your professional profile. It could be a source of marketing and advertising, and if it looks good, you may just inspire confidence among your customers. The more eye-catching your car, the better your ‘street cred’.  

If you want your business represented by a car, you will want to choose a brand that people can get behind. 

360-Degree Camera System

Older cars only used to have a rearview camera system. Many manufacturers have upgraded this system with 360-degree cameras. The idea is to make parking easier and safer. A 360-degree camera system also makes it easy to pull out of the parking lot. 

Cameras are strategically installed all around the car, such as below the side mirrors, rearview camera, and in the grille. This gives drivers a bird’s eye view of the car as if they were watching it from above. In addition, a 360-degree system improves the safety features of the car by checking for nearby objects, children, and pets. This feature can be especially helpful when backing up and makes parking easier. 

Track Pace 

If you’re a driving enthusiast, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to track your performance on the road. Most drivers want to make sure they are getting better with their driving skills.

A track pace provides you with information related to acceleration, brake pedal metrics, steering angles, and other types of raw data that can be used to monitor and improve your overall performance.  

Car’s Suspension

Your car’s suspension will play a vital role in keeping the ride comfortable and smooth despite any problems you see on the road ahead. To make driving even easier, new vehicles such as RAV4 now come with refined suspension that allows for a gentler ride for all types of terrains and road conditions. 

USB Charging Outlets

Most business persons will be carrying several electronic gadgets with them, these include laptops, tablets, and phones. Keeping them all charged can be challenging, especially when you’re always o the go. It can be both helpful and convenient to charge all of these devices simultaneously from your car’s very own USB charging outlet. 

Bonus points if the car comes with fast USB outlets. Not all cars come with fast charging outlets, and if the phone is running a power-intensive app, it may end up losing charge while it is plugged in. 

WiFi Hotspot

It’s important to stay browsing the internet while you’re on your way to work. You could do this with your phone’s data, but this could cost you a lot. The most cost-effective way to browse the internet in your car is to connect to WiFi.

Most cars come with fully integrated WiFi hotspots that allow passengers to browse the internet without consuming the expensive cellular data. 

Entertainment Systems 

You won’t always drive the car for business reasons, especially when you’re travelling with children in tow. If so, you’ll want to keep them entertained and engaged. 

Most cars like the RAV4 come with infotainment systems that can allow passengers to access movies, books, and even games.

That’s it. Now you should be able to find a compatible business car to make the daily commute easier and comfortable. 

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