Live, Laugh, Love: Rediscovering and Preserving Your Zest in the Golden Years of Life

Live, Laugh, Love

People often squirm at the thought of aging and being called senior citizens at some point in their lives. From a vantage point, they view old age as a phase where bad health barges in, wrinkles become apparent, and financial independence evaporates along with vigor and zest. However, this perspective is a rather pessimistic one and only glorifies the difficulties.

Many elderly citizens welcome the ‘Golden Phase’ of their life with open arms. Their effervescence, positivity, and confidence refuse to yield to their advancing age, and they lead a life that puts even youngsters to shame.

If you are about to set your foot into the senior years, here’s how you can preserve your high spirits:

Make a routine 

After working for a fixed number of hours for most of your life, you may wish to bury this idea deep into the back of your mind so that it couldn’t ever resurface. But, the idea of finding and following a routine is what, in fact, enhances the quality of life. 

Your routine should simply transform according to the phase of life you’re transitioning into. It shouldn’t be packed with random activities to keep you busy, but the activities that you truly enjoy. They could be anything -early morning strolls, meeting friends every evening, spending time in the kitchen, taking your grandchild to the park, etc. It should also include waking up and sleeping at around the same time every day. 

Take care of your health 

You cannot deny the fact that with age, your body becomes more vulnerable to health issues. While the onset of age-related health deterioration is inevitable, you can arrest their bad effects and adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating well and exercising every day. 

Eat a healthy meal comprising fresh fruits and colorful vegetables. Never skip your meal and ensure healthy snacking in between. Also, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and steer clear of junk food and processed food.

Include exercising in your daily routine. Do balancing exercises or simply go for long walks. 

If you fall prey to any physically or mentally debilitating condition, don’t lose hope and positivity. Find a caregiver who can assist you with your regular work without discouraging your enthusiasm. If you have a family caregiver, ask them to enroll in state-run schemes, whereby a family member can get paid as a family caregiver so that you don’t feel guilty about putting this responsibility on their shoulders.

Enjoy a social life 

Loneliness comes as a by-product of aging only to those who shut doors on the face of their social life. No rule book says that you have to give up your social life and restrict yourself to your bedroom during senescence. 

Maintain social connections with people you love, meet new people, and make new friends. Volunteer your time for community, meet your friends and family every day, invite them home, and visit them often. Fostering good social connections will enrich your life. 

Don’t give up self-care

Along with social life, unfortunately, self-care also takes a backseat when a person ages. Though we are advocates of self-acceptance, letting yourself go can come under the guise of self-acceptance, so beware, a little effort never hurts. On the contrary, it makes you ultimately feel better. 

Even if you are at home, look sharp: dress well, go for regular grooming sessions, and do not hesitate to spend money on clothing and accessories. You deserve the pampering at this age after all you’ve done.

Keep learning 

Learning is the best way to keep your brain active. Give your brain some exercise by learning new things. Make a list of things that you have always wanted to learn. Mastering new skills will help you in preserving your passion for life as well as make you more confident and self-assured. 

Also, keep yourself busy with hobbies like reading, collecting coins, cooking, gardening, etc. 

The bottom line 

Old age is known as the golden age of life for a reason. It frees you from responsibilities and gives you all the time to invest in yourself, doing things that you couldn’t do due to the endless hustles of youth years.

So, don’t let the groundless perceptions of the world confine you. Set yourself free and live a new life full of love, laughter, good health, and wellness! 

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