Life Lessons To Be Learned From Hunting a Bear

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Hunting is a popular outdoor activity that still finds strong patronage across the globe due to the adventure and adrenal rush one experiences. The history of bear hunting takes us back to prehistoric times when bears were hunted for their fur and meat. However, later it evolved into a sport, and many people enjoyed it as a hobby. Unlike the earlier times, when people used bear spears and hunting dogs and firearms, today hunters use high-power rifle scopes, which help them target the bear easily.

While there are different opinions on how ethical or right is bear hunting or hunting any animal for that matter, at the same time, you can learn some useful life lessons from it. From preparing to hunt a bear to spotting them and aiming right, there is a lot to learn.  

Most hunters believe that hunting teaches how to work persistently and patiently in a disciplined manner to achieve the result. Let’s explore more how hunting helps you learn interesting life lessons.

Hard work always pays off

You would have often heard that there is no substitute for hard work and hunting practically puts this learning into practice. During the hunt, a large part of the journey is spent traveling, spotting, and baiting bears, not to mention practicing at the range prior to the hunt itself. When you are out there in the wilds, there is a greater probability of encountering environmental elements like rain, storm, and strong winds. A passionate hunter is not deterred by all these obstacles and stays there to get his target. So hunting develops this attitude to not be drifted away or demotivated by the obstacles and focus on the aim.

Life is not a bed of roses: When you are out in the woods for bear hunting, you cannot just sit and expect a bear to show up. You need to act prudently, develop hunting and survival skills, must stay alert, and ensure your safety by spotting the signs of danger. You need to be focused, energetic and all there without any distraction. Life is much similar. One has to develop skills to excel in his/her field of choice. To beat the competition, one must keep learning and improve. With continuous efforts and consistency, one comes out with flying colors.  

Patience is the key

Most bear hunters would agree that patience is the key to a successful hunting experience. It can take days to spot a bear, and when you do, you must be ready with your equipment. It’s important because even one mistake can result in several more days of waiting.

Life is no different from hunting. We are all out there to chase our goals and need to work towards them patiently and with perseverance. Sometimes you may get the results soon, and at times, it may take time. But the success only falls in the kitty of those who patiently wait for it and work hard towards them.

Discipline, Dedication, Determination

Like a hunter, you need to follow the 3Ds, discipline, dedication, and determination in life. It takes tremendous effort and discipline to learn bear hunting skills. To become a successful bear hunter, you need to learn about the habitat of bears, their feeding habit, their movement, and more. Besides, you must be dedicated and determined; and nothing should act as a deterrent. Unsuccessful bear hunting experiences must not dishearten you. Putting all these together, you can see success paving its way to you.  

Keep an eye for details

Bears are intelligent animals who have evolved to survive the hard life of the forest. They might not have the sharpest eyesight, but their sense of smell is very strong. The hunter needs to focus on all these aspects to ensure that they can hunt down the bear. Similarly, in life, if you are trying to achieve a target or want to excel at something, you must learn every detail about it, master the art and results are sure to be in your favor. Attention to detail is an important step to reach greater levels in life.

The dual views on hunting of bears

Although hunting bears is a sport loved by people in large numbers, there are contradicting views on hunting bears, as it is considered unethical and cruel by many. However, being an ardent hunter also helps one to excel in life and overcome challenging situations.

Research has found that many people engage in trophy hunting merely for two reasons. It is to maintain their status in society and to flaunt their interest in such expensive activity. However, some opine that the hunting sport is dangerously affecting their numbers.


Hunting bears is an outdoor pursuit that offers useful life lessons as discussed in the article. Also, it helps to stay fit and learn teamwork when hunting in a group. Moreover, if everyone in your family is into hunting, it will create great life memories.

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