Top 10 Self-Grooming Hacks Every Man Should Know

Many men appear to have been born dapper, hair always looking on point, skin always perfect; but are they any better than you? Probably not! They might be paying attention to their grooming which you don’t.

An essential aspect of aesthetics and style is proper grooming. Male grooming is a dignified art nowadays. No guilt is entailed. On the flip side, the self-reproach is on you and just you, if you do not include a daily routine in your life. 

The key is not to spend a copious amount on a hundred individual items or to shut yourself for hours at a stretch in the bathroom. Instead, you can create a regular schedule that is convenient, basic and above all, maintenance-oriented. That is why we have assembled this list of helpful, life-enhancing recommendations for you so you can look and feel your best. 

1. Shave only after you shower

Every day during your hurried morning regime, it is quite enticing and tempting to take control of businesses like flossing, brushing your teeth or something else before relaxing and enjoying in a pleasantly warm bath. But after you take a bath, your skin is cleansed by the hot shower water: the steam expands your pores, flushes away the impurities that have collected since your last rinse, and allows your hair follicles to relax – making things simpler for you to experience a closer, easy shave, with fewer passes. It gives you a much cleaner shave with a lower chance of nicks, cuts and razor burns.

2. Clean your ears

Cotton buds are not to explore the ear as it can damage your sensitive eardrums. Olive oil, though when given a few droplets at a time, greases and lubricates the ears and softens the wax enough so that it comes out on its own will. Warm a little bit oil in a thick casserole to body temperature and then use a sterilized eyedropper to transfer it (just a few drops) to your ear, having your face inclined to one side. Follow this up by putting in some lukewarm water to further aid the removal of the wax ball. It sounds gross, but it sure works wonders. 

3. Wear sunscreen

If there is one thing that keeps dermatologists up all night, it is men’s stubborn and persistent reluctance to use sunscreen. Men need to include a moisturising sunscreen and use it consistently to see a difference. It is somewhat of a simple building block of a skincare regimen. It slows ageing and delays the appearance of wrinkles. It decreases the chance of skin cancer, which, troublingly, is now on the surge. We recommend getting a mild SPF 15 sunscreen to your everyday grooming regimen that will nourish and shield you from the sun. 

4. Groom your eyebrows

Your eyebrows deserve to be taken care of, no matter what. Men must also not feel afraid to shave their eyebrow hair off if they think they are too dense or out of shape. Also, do not overload with tweezers as lesser is enough. Keep in the natural form of your eyebrow, but make sure you clear any misplaced hair. Do make sure that perhaps your eyebrows are not plucked very far apart. Your eyebrows should properly frame your forehead, so consider that while tweezing them. 

5.  Manage your beard well

Start preparing your skin ahead with a shaving oil that will allow your razor to glide swiftly and smoothly. Dipping the shaving blades in warm water might help your pores widen and in reducing redness and inflammation. Also, when you initially discover how to grow facial hair, your beard hair appears to be very rough and dry, sometimes causing terrible scratching that forces many future beards-men to surrender. We understand a bunch of you are eager to fix this with grooming strategies.

Fortunately, there is a perfect way: after you shave, condition your facial hair together with your hair. Keep the conditioner on and scrub for a couple of minutes. Lubricated facial hair is a whole less itchy.

6. Take care of blackheads and pimples

Well, truthfully, poor skin will haunt you, men, long into your adult years. As cliche as it may sound, but drinking water helps in battling blemishes. Be prompt to make sure you rinse your skin with a trustworthy cleanser, twice daily. Invest in a charcoal face mask and use it once a week for a deep cleanse. Though, the biggest challenge with skincare is that each person has a unique skin condition and not one size fits all. Having a dermatologist is a very beneficial choice for skin treatments that directly fix the skin type.

7. Get rid of bad breath

Nothing is worse than talking to somebody who has foul breath. Firstly, staying hydrated and drinking enough water and juices will avoid dryness in your mouth, and reduce the occurrence of bad breath. Consider keeping mouth fresheners and gum with you at all times.

You can also seek a mouth spray for an additional defence that is efficient and works like a charm, which will end up leaving you smelling fresh and welcoming, especially for dates or corporate events. Make sure to deeply cleanse your mouth using equal parts of baking soda and salt to brush your teeth once a week. It will help you get rid of any plaque build-up and will keep it nice and white.

8. Clean your nose hair

Completely unflattering, hair in the nose is a complete no-go. Nobody likes to look at the scraggly hair flowing out the nostrils. Plucking nose hair can be somewhat extreme and very hurtful, and surprisingly, when it comes to infectious agents or viruses, hair is the body’s initial sign of resistance. A method more suitable? Opt for a nasal hair trimmer that is rechargeable which helps you to tidy up your nose every few weeks. It is pain-free and remarkably, simple. For a cheaper alternative, invest in an electric trimmer to get rid of your nose hair. These are available on Amazon. 

9. Haircare is crucial

Unruly hair is frustrating, not to mention a complete waste to the perfect outfit. Some quick tips to ensure that your locks do not fall into too deep of a mess? First of all, consider a conditioner and shampoo that won’t be making your hair messy. It sounds easy, but believe us, select hair care products with a formulation appropriate for your kind of hair, and it will bring a massive change. In the morning, a simple blow-dry is an easy and secure way to fight fly-aways, and a firm hold styling gel or mousse will ensure that wild hair is handled with during the day.

10. Choose to smell good and fresh

Scents and aftershaves are made to complement, not to make passers-by uncomfortable. So use it carefully, and instead of purchasing eight or ten typical scents, find one or two iconic combinations that you enjoy. Invest in good ones. Usually, woody, spicy or herbal fragrances work in winter, whereas softer, citrus-based tones are ideally suited for summer. To make sure that your perfume lasts, rub a bit of Vaseline on your pulse points. 

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