Is It Possible to Order a U-shaped Sofa Cover in the USA?

Is It Possible to Order a U-shaped Sofa Cover in the USA

Cover on home furniture – it is an indispensable attribute of the interior of the room. With the help of a protective fabric, you can not only change the visual component of the furniture, but also increase its durability. Of course, your sofa will not look as spectacular after five years of use. This is affected by many factors, from natural wear and tear to damage caused by children, pets, and so on. U shaped sectional couch covers are a great solution to your problems. Non-standard sofa settings can slightly reduce the choice for the homeowner, as not all stores are in the business of making similarly shaped covers. For example, Mamma Mia Covers offers their customers a great selection. The base includes microfiber and velvet, and customers are also offered a large selection of colors. So, you just have to decide which shade best suits the interior of your room.

It is worth considering and that is not necessary to buy the cover is in specialty stores. There are also two alternatives, namely:

  1. Make the cover yourself. This process can take quite a long time, especially if you are a beginner. The fact that a lot of time and effort will be needed to measure all the parameters of the sofa. As practice shows, it is the U-shaped furniture itself is difficult to measure due to the fact that it has many corners. In addition, you need to choose your own fabric, which is ideal for the interior of your room. It is likely that the first time you will make mistakes, and therefore it is advisable to make a trial cover from old sheets. Also, you need to make sure that you have a working sewing machine, because without it the process can be much longer.
  2. Order from a professional who makes custom covers. The cost of such a protective fabric will be much higher, but at the same time the quality should please you. The obvious advantage of this method is that the specialist will be able to take into account all your wishes. There is no such a limited choice, as in stores, because everything is made directly to order. You yourself choose what pattern and what material you need. Of course, for such work will have to pay a large sum, because the production of one premium quality cover can take up to several days.

Of course, you should not think that the cover is an eternal replacement for the sofa. If your home furniture looks awful, even the highest quality cover from world-famous brands won’t help. Typically, Americans use slipcovers on new sofas, making them more appealing to those around them. Moreover, they protect the furniture from moisture, for example, if you spill coffee or tea. 

What you need to consider when making a cover by yourself

If you have decided that you want to make a cover for a U-shaped sofa yourself, then you should make sure that you have:

  1. Fabric. It is desirable that it be durable and hard-wearing. If you allocate a small amount to buy quality fabric, the cover will last you for several years.
  2. Threads. To sew the finished parts of the future protective fabric.
  3. Tools for measuring. You should also take into account that this furniture is non-standard shape, and therefore may need more time to work. 
  4. Soap, or a pencil with which you will make marks for the cut.
  5. Sewing machine with which you can complete the creation of the cover.

In general, you will need 1-2 days to make one cover. If you can make a good fabric, then later you will have no problem making covers for other furniture.

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