Instant Pots: the Only Kitchen Cooking Appliance You Need

instnt pot

Wouldn’t it be great to find a kitchen device that allows you to cook almost all of your meals? Well, instant pots are all-in-one kitchen appliances that home cooks throughout the globe are using on a regular basis. Although a lot of folks use them for pressure cooking ingredients, they have a wide range of modern features and functions that allow you to do all sorts of things, including making cakes, steaming food, slow cooking food, making yogurts, and some people even use them to sanitize their baby’s bottles. 

These magical multifunctional cookers have taken the world by storm since they entered the marketplace in 2010. Millions of Americans have decided to invest in an instant pot for their home, and according to a recent study, over ninety percent of customers are happy they spent their hard earned money on one. Over fifty percent of American adults have used an instant pot, which is why you see them on so many kitchen counters nowadays. 

You Can Use It To Slow Cook Food

Instant pots have built up a reputation for cooking food fast. Many people buy them instead of traditional pressure cookers because they have plenty of safety features. Just place the ingredients into the device, and your dinner will be ready to eat in under an hour. 

But instant pots also have a slow cook function, so you won’t need a stand-alone slow cooker. Although it doesn’t work the same as a slow cooker, you can produce delicious slow cooked meals with an instant pot. There are plenty of slow cooking instant pot tutorials on streaming services, and you should have no problem finding recipes on websites that are dedicated to modern cooking appliances like

Make Homemade Yogurt 

Are you sick of spending a small fortune on Greek yogurts from your local grocery store? Are you worried about the ingredients food makers put into their yogurts? Well, why not try and make your own with your trusty instant pot?

Very few people know that you can make a gallon of yogurt with a gallon of milk. If you and your family members eat yogurts regularly you can save yourself a lot of cash by making your own at home. Most instant pots out there have a yogurt-making feature. Instant pots make making yogurt fun and easy, so don’t be afraid to give it a go. If you are looking to purchase an instant pot for making yogurt, try to find one that has a yogurt button. Not all models have this feature, so keep it in mind when you are in the market for an instant pot. 

Use it as a Rice Cooker

Don’t forget that instant pots allow you to cook rice too. Most instant pots have a rice button dedicated to cooking great-tasting fluffy rice. This button will allow you to cook long-grain white rice. Although it works best with white rice, you can use it on different varieties of rice. If your pot doesn’t have a rice button, then you can do it manually yourself. Although cooking rice with an instant pot might take a little getting used to, you won’t need to buy a separate rice cooker. 

Most instant pots are quicker at cooking large amounts of rice when comparing them to standard rice cookers. The pressure cooking function will force the rice to cook faster. You won’t have to wait around all afternoon for your rice, which is great when your family is feeling hungry. 

It Keeps Your Meal Warm

If you lead a busy life, there are probably days where you struggle to eat warm meals. Trying to juggle family and work life is not easy, so many of us end up eating cold leftovers when we get the chance to sit down at the dinner table. Instant pots have a warming feature that keeps your meals heated while you are getting on with your daily chores. Even if your meal was ready one hour before you get the time to eat it, it will remain heated while it is in the instant pot. 

On top of that, you can set a timer so the device starts cooking your meal whenever you want. This way, you can hit the gym or help your kids with their homework, and it will start cooking whenever you feel like it’s time. You won’t be tied to your kitchen once you have invested in an instant pot!


A lot of folks find it hard to believe that instant pots do all the above and more. If you are finding it a hard pill to swallow, click on an online marketplace and read some of the independent reviews instant pot consumers have had to say. Instant pots are one of Amazon’s best-selling kitchen devices, and it seems like they are getting more popular by the day. 

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