How To Get The Best Results In Cabinet Painting Services by Professionals For Your Home?

cabinat painting

When your kitchen cabinets are in good shape and you prefer the existing layout, only repainting will work wonders. If you are thinking to buy a home with existing kitchen cabinets, you can just paint and obtain a remodel of the kitchen before you step in. Here are some effective ways to get the best results with cabinet painting services.

Select the Color That Matches Your Space

The chosen colors should complement the spaces like appliances, floors, and countertops of your kitchen. Though the white color brightens up your kitchen with enough lights, many interior designers have showcased the kitchen cabinet options with other bold and bright colors. When the size of your kitchen is large green or deep blue will look good. Colors that are not too light and not too dark can be great choices as they will prevent the wear and tear, and the sun fading.

Prepare the Cabinets

When you skip the preparation before painting the cabinets, the result may not be effective as per your expectations. If your cabinets are already painted, you should de-gloss the surface. This will help the paint for adhering properly to the surface. Chemical strippers may be required if you have thicker early coats of paint. When you are painting with heavy grains on the wooden cabinets, some extra preparation will be required for obtaining a smooth finish. Elite Finishing LLC of Westport can provide you with the required guidance for newly painting your cabinets or repainting them with the existing colors.

Select the Right Paint

For obtaining a professional look, you should visit

and high-quality paint should be applied. Though it will be expensive, the application will be much easier. When you are looking for cabinet painting for your kitchen, you should go for stain-resistant and oil-based paint. Water-based products can also tolerate scrubbing the cabinets when needed. Latex-based paints work much faster than oil-based ones. The latex paints which are water-based are safe for both pets and children.

Select the Right Finish

As the kitchen cabinets have heavy usages like closing, opening, and handling very frequently, the right finish is required with the paint. The high-gloss or semi-gloss finish will be the best paint when it comes to your kitchen. The paints are durable and also provide a sophisticated appearance. But if you have young children in the house, the high gloss finish may show fingerprints in them. For most of kitchen cabinets, the semi-gloss finish can make the space look big without being extremely shiny.

Apply Primers

The primer prepares the cabinets for the topcoats. Proper paint adhesion is only possible when primer effectively seals the surface. A single-coat primer is sufficient for making the paint last longer.


Cabinet painting is a very tiring job when not handled by professionals. If you are painting the cabinets newly or when you are repainting the existing kitchen cabinets, you should call skilled professionals to work on them. Preparing the cabinets first, putting primer on the surface, and selecting the right colors and finish are some of the important activities involved in painting the cabinets.

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