How to Choose A Vehicle Based on What Business You’re In?


Not every vehicle works for every person or every business. So how do you choose the one that’s the right fit for your needs? You’ll have to compare what you need with what’s available on the market. Here are some common business types and what vehicle will go best with them.

Sales, Tech Support, and Management

These businesses often operate in urban areas where medium or small cars are preferable. You might consider:

  • The Chevrolet Spark: Great fuel economy and fantastic safety features.
  • A Nissan Leaf: Energy-efficient and speedy.
  • The Toyota Prius: Comfortable cabin and good fuel economy.
  • A Smart Fortwo: Fits in any parking spot and turns on a dime.
  • The Chevrolet Bolt: Powerful motor and great cargo space.

Because you probably won’t be carrying a lot of equipment for these jobs, a small car will do fine. These types of cars can travel easily in urban or suburban areas. You also won’t have to worry about them being too big to park conveniently. 

Logistics, Transport, and Couriers

Businesses that focus on the transport of goods can need more storage space from a vehicle. However, consider how often your business transports large items. If you won’t need a larger vehicle often, you can always rent from Flex Fleet instead of buying and maintaining it. Either way, here are some vehicles that might work well for your needs.

  • A Chevy ½ or 1 Ton Pickup Truck: Carries a lot of weight and is reliable.
  • The Ford Expedition: Eight passenger seating so you know it has lots of room.
  • The Toyota Sequoia: Lots of cargo space and easy to handle for its size.
  • The Chevy Express Passenger Van: Plenty of space to carry whatever you need.

These larger vehicles will give you plenty of room for almost anything you could think of delivering. Keep the weight of your average delivery in mind when choosing.

Fashion, Music, and Film

Success in these industries is often tied to presenting a wealthy appearance, and nothing says wealthy like a luxury car. Fashion, in particular, is loved by certain luxury car brands, who have been known to do team-ups with designers.

If you’re looking to give everyone an impression of success, here are some suggestions for you.

  • A BMW Alpina B7 xDrive: Lots of standard features and not widely produced.
  • The Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR Coupe: Super fast and aesthetic car.
  • A BMW i8 Roadster: Plug-in hybrid.
  • The Tesla Model X: All electric and fast charging.
  • The Audi A4: Great gas mileage and a comfortable interior.

These cars are sure to impress and let everyone know how high your standards are.

Mobile Repairs, Services, and Trades.

In these industries, you need storage, speed, and the ability to go anywhere. Light trucks and utility vehicles are key. Some popular options include:

  • The Nissan NP300: Reliable, and does well on tough terrain.
  • A Toyota HiLux: Great for offroading.
  • The Honda Pilot EX-L: Excellent visibility and great fuel efficiency.
  • A Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4×4: Great engine and entertainment center.
  • The Ford Explorer Sport 4×4: Reliable and long-lasting.

These cars combine space and agility to achieve the perfect mix you need for your business.


Ridesharing presents a unique challenge. You need enough space for your passengers but you also need to be able to go anywhere. You’ll have to decide what works best for you, but to get you started here are the best cars for ridesharing.

  • The Subaru Impreza: All-wheel drive and noise canceling.
  • The Volkswagon Jetta: Reliable and inexpensive to repair.
  • The Honda Insight: Fast and has a smooth ride.
  • A Ford Fusion: Great steering and handling.
  • The Mazda6: Comfortable and safe.
  • The Toyota Camry: Strong engine and a great entertainment center.
  • A Honda Accord Hybrid: Fuel efficient and long-lasting.

These cars will guarantee a good experience for you and your passengers. While you’re making your decision, keep in mind how many passengers you plan to transport at one time.

Independent Delivery Drivers

With the rise of companies like Doordash and Postmates, the independent delivery business is more popular than ever. All you need is a phone and the right car, here are some suggestions.

  • The Toyota Prius: Great standard features and a comfortable cabin.
  • A Hyundai Sonata: Excellent blind-spot monitoring.
  • The Toyota Yaris: Comes with a low-speed pre-collision warning system.
  • A Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo: Roomy and long-lasting.
  • The Volvo C70 Convertible
  • A Honda CRV: Excellent visibility and great handling features.

These cars are delivery approved and ready to go. Bonus Tip: If you’ll be driving in areas that get snow, consider a four-wheel-drive so you aren’t stuck inside on a busy delivery day.

Only you know what you need in a vehicle, but this information can help get you started. Choose a vehicle you think will be good for you and your business and do some more research.

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