How to Care for Your Clothes – and Keep Them for Longer

How to Care for Your Clothes - and Keep Them for Longer

Wearing new clothes makes us feel like a brand new person – but the items inevitably start to feel worn out and fade after some time. When this happens, it leads to people buying more clothes and letting the old ones eventually go into land fields, leaving a significant environmental mark.

There are many easy tips and ways to prolong your clothes lifespan. Here’s what we suggest:

Don’t wash your clothes too often

While most of us don’t think twice before throwing an item into the laundry basket after only one use, that can damage your clothes. Despite doing your laundry the proper way, washing garments too often can damage the material, thus decreasing its lifespan.

Experts suggest you should wash some items way less than people do. For denim jeans, the number goes up to 10 wears before washing. The same goes for jackets and sweaters that can be re-worn multiple times before they require a wash. 

A quick way to refresh your clothes without washing them is simply hanging them out in the open and letting the air do its job.

Don’t use chemicals that are too harsh

Most standard laundry detergents contain harsh chemicals that will damage the fibers, so pay attention to the ingredient list. Luckily, there are plenty of environmentally-friendly alternatives made with plant-based ingredients to choose from.

Learn proper care for different fabrics

When caring for clothes, you need to start by understanding the different fabrics that make up your pieces. Some fabrics are more delicate than others and, as such, require more care. For example, denim is regarded as a low-maintenance material, while that can’t be said for silk or wool, which needs more attention. Some fabrics even require different temperatures, so always make sure to inform yourself about that beforehand. To make this easier for yourself, learn how to read labels or follow simple guides that you can find online. 

Cut down on dry cleaning

Dry cleaning isn’t good for the environment because it leaves a big emission trail. It may come as a surprise, but many items labeled as “dry-cleaning only” can endure a gentle, low-temperature wash without causing harm. However, if your item has to be dry-cleaned, you can always find an environmentally friendly alternative. Recently, there has been a growing trend of these services in the country. For example, this agency for green cleaning in Chicago is an excellent option to check out, as it provides a “safe for the planet” alternative and will leave your clothes feeling new again.

Store your clothes properly

Storing your clothes properly is vital for prolonging their lifespan. The area in which you keep your clothes should be dry and clean. Pay attention to the fabrics you buy, from both a fashion and environmental standpoint. Try to keep different materials separate. Doing this will give you a better overview of what you own and is helpful for your next trip. 

Another thing to pay attention to is making sure that enough space is available for your clothes to breathe. Cramming your clothes into a small area increases the friction and can cause damage. When hanging clothes, wooded hangers are a better option if you want to avoid your clothes being misshapen when you take them off. 

Try to repair the damage

Repairing damaged clothes doesn’t require the tailor’s skills that you’d expect. Many people avoid fixing their clothes because this task seems like a big hassle, but most damages can be repaired within minutes. Learning how to mend your clothes keeps them wearable for a longer time, and you may acquire some new skills in the process.

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