Five Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglary


Often when a burglary occurs, one house gets affected. And most times, the first house just by the entrance may not be the victim. Burglars can walk up to any place after terming it as a bait.

Research shows that when a robber spends more than five minutes vandalizing a property, he begins to feel uncomfortable. Sadly, many people picture a vulnerable home as one with open windows and doors. These same people have no idea how modern thieves carry out a break-in.

In 2017, the FBI Crime Clock disclosed a burglary occurred every 22.6sec. It shows that at that time, residents were careless with securing their homes.

You must understand what entices a robber and why he chooses to break into a particular home. You’ll also learn the prevention tips on how you can stay safe.

The Burglar’s Taste

You don’t expect a burglar to draw your sofa or bed out of the house. He’s going to get caught. This set of people target specific items, mostly luxury. They prefer something they can sell for quick bucks.

In a burglary attempt, three items serve as the treasure needed. They include:

  • Jewelry & Cash: Often, when homeowners report a burglary, these two items are tagged as the most common stolen properties.
  • Prescription Drugs: Recently, robbers have developed a likeness for are medicines. Ten seconds after a break-in, they are searching the cabinet already, hoping to sell for profits.
  • Electronics: Here’s another set of items burglars love to lay their hands on. Smaller items are the ones stolen, as large equipment may call for an alarm.

Burglars can go for any item. NY Times revealed how a man ransacked a restaurant and calmly enjoyed the drink selection—for days! Today, any building can become a target if vulnerable.

How Burglars Target Homes

Have you ever wondered how thieves break into a home? Well, know one thing: he must have valued something for him to term it a bait.

He finds an easy passage. Once he notices that your house offers a swift and exposed entry and exit point, it becomes a hot cake.

A misconception indicates that most burglars operate at night. It’s the other way round. The last thing these criminals want is to run into the homeowner during the process. Most burglars operate during the day when kids are in school, and older ones are working.

Swift departure is something criminals cherish. It gives them zero stress and hastens their operations. So you might want to think it out and install a protective door that undergoes a calm and progressive pass.

Home Entry Points

Every homeowner must be wary of the entry points of robbers. Installing modern security features will help to assure safety at all times. But when doing so, ensure your safety serves as a front runner, so you won’t have a problem when tackling an emergency. Here are three common entry points you should know:

  • Doors: Doors serve as the main entry and exit point for most homes. Installing a firm and rigid material saves you from unwanted visitors. Don’t forget to establish a tight frame alongside the doors.
  • Locks: Use deadbolts, a modern-day lock that allows for a key outside and a thumb button inside.
  • Windows: Your Windows should feature key locks. Preferably, you can opt for one that locks by pinning down the top and lower frames with a removable nail. For fire escapes and houses at street level, an accordion gate would help best.

Five Tips to Protect Your Home Against Burglary

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work only to meet an opened door, a scattered home, valuables stolen. Yes, the feeling isn’t pleasurable. Somehow, you’d wish you were around at that time and even wonder how the burglar knows that you are away.

Here are five simple tips to help protect your home from illegal visitors:

Install Steel Doors

Installing a metal door and protective windows is off-putting for burglars. When in place, you’ve signaled a no-go sign, and no burglar would want to spend one more second around your home.

Also, ensure that the locks are super durable and protective, not forgetting to create a simple passage in terms of an emergency.

Keep Ladders Away

Most burglars are enticed when there’s a ladder around the house. It makes it possible for them to reach the second-floor, thereby surveying the whole house. To keep thieves away, ensure you store your ladders in a locked garage. Remember to install an alarm for the windows on the second floor.

Hide Your Trash from Plain Sight

You never can tell when it’s “Trash Day” for robbers in your neighborhood, especially when it’s a festive period. By leaving your trash container in an open space, you make it easy for them to land a valuable item, which they can trade for money. It could be a new mobile phone, a laptop, or even a flat-screen TV.

Trim Shrubs

Overgrown shrubs aren’t ideal for a home in general. It can also serve as a passkey into your home. Burglars much prefer to grab your cool stuff and leave without appearing in plain sight. Excess shrubs enable them to work in private. Hence, ensure you keep these plants trimmed. Also, ensure your home entry points are vivid from the street.

Avoid Posting on Social Platforms When Away

Again, how did the burglar know that there’s no one in the house? It could be that he is a friend of your friend, and when you post a comment or pic, he sees it.

By notifying the public that you’re away, you’ve called for a dangerous visitor into your home. If only you knew that you gave out the intel yourself, you’d have stayed more prepared, or at least put someone in the house. It is even much better to post when you’re back home.


Just as the burglar has taken time to plan his move, plan yours too. Enhance your security by installing modern features. Spend time to assess vulnerable parts in the home and take a strategic approach towards them. You never can tell if the next burglary attempt would take place in your living room, so it’s best to stay prepared.

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