Five Things That Do Not Belong in a Bedroom

Five Things That Do Not Belong in a Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the places where we spend a large part of our lives to rest and recharge our batteries. Therefore, it is especially important that the room can give us peace. However, when it comes to furnishing, there are many things that can go wrong and get in the way of this goal. In this article we explain what does not belong in the bedroom if you want relaxation.

Lots of books

Many people have bookshelves in their bedroom or a nightstand with a selection of suitable reading. However, according to tidying experts, this is a subconscious stress trigger. Having several books lying by the bed that we won’t manage to read all in the near future can be sobering and put us under pressure. It is therefore better to put only the current book next to the bed, as well as only one or two latest magazines; the older ones can be sorted out. In general, it is recommended to keep bookshelves in the living room. Reading on the couch works much better. The more the bed is misappropriated for reading, the more difficult it becomes to find relaxation and sleep there.

A desk

When a desk is near the bed, many find it difficult to relax. The work utensils are in sight and many do not succeed in putting thoughts of work processes aside. Especially in times when lots of people work from home thanks to the pandemic, it is particularly important to create a clear separation between work and relaxation, not only in terms of time, but also in terms of space. It is therefore better to create a workroom or convert a corner of the living room into an office desk, so that the bedroom is not associated with it and can remain a place of recovery.

Electronic devices

Nowadays, many people have a big TV in their bedroom. As a result, it happens that a few Netflix episodes are watched in bed before going to sleep. However, this is anything but conducive to sleep. On the one hand, the plot might be too exciting and we watch episode after episode, so that it is suddenly far too late to get enough sleep until the next morning. Furthermore, the artificial bright light sends exactly the wrong signal to our neuroreceptors and makes us awake rather than tired. Having the cell phone by your bed is also not the best idea. Experts warn against radiation, and we find it hard not to reply to all the messages or scroll through our social media accounts. The temptation to visit our favorite gaming sites for another round is also very high. While online streaming and gambling is becoming increasingly popular, it is still better to pursue such activities during the day. Various comparison portals such as help while searching for a suitable online gambling hall by giving an overview of the different providers. Especially casinos with crypto payments can be considered rather safe. The best Bitcoin casinos offer high bonuses and free spins.

Stuff that causes anxiety or stress

This category is of course highly subjective. Creepy dolls, books with an eerie cover next to the bed and similar things are very likely to cause nightmares and should be immediately removed from the bedroom. Some people stress out about their dumbbells or other exercise equipment because it reminds them that they haven’t exercised enough. Piles of clothes can also trigger stress, as they create anything but a cozy atmosphere and signal the occupants that they should clean up. Such things which still need to be done and have been put off until now oftentimes continue to concern us when we go to bed and make it difficult to sleep in a relaxed manner which will affect your mental health. Sports equipment should therefore also be kept in another room. Furthermore, it may help to take five minutes every evening before going to bed to put a few things back in the closet. A little life hack may also help: Simply buy a large basket with a lid and put messy things that you don’t have time to clean up during the week in there until the weekend.

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