Enjoy the Buzz Without the Guilt: Best Low-Sugar Wines Club

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Many people prefer taking wine over other drinks and beverages, especially when it matches their taste. But when you are a keto-dieter, you might need to take a closer look at the carbs and sugar content present in your glass of wine. That is to ensure your sugar and carbs intake is not in excess. 

It is logical to choose wine over mixed cocktails or beer when you are watching your sugar intake. However, that will depend on what type of wine you are taking. A few wines have low sugar (and carbs), but the majority contain more quantities. 

What are Low-sugar wines?

You might have seen a bottle of wine labeled “low Sugar.” As the name suggests, “low sugar” wine contains minimal sugar content levels compared to the regular bottle of wine. However, sugar plays a vital role in the wine production process. 

So, during fermentation, yeast is responsible for turning grapes’ sugar into alcohol. In most cases, the low sugar wines contain lower alcohol levels as compared to sweet wines. But that doesn’t make wine taste worth an indicator for sugar content. 

Some of the dry wines on your counter might contain as much as 70 grams/ liter or more of residual sugar. But that shouldn’t make you freak out because there are more options of low-sugar wine, and it is easy to get your taste. 

Here is a checklist of the best low sugar keto wine clubs you might consider tasting to discover what you love. 

1. Bright Cellars Wine Club

Bright cellars consist of wines from all around the world including, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. However, it is estimated that only 1 out of 12 wines tasted make it to their monthly collection. All that is done to ensure you get a wine that will personalize your experience and entice your taste buds. Some of the Bright Cellars Wine include:

  • Still Bend (92 Bright Points) Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Central Coast, California
  • Terraform (91 Bright Points) Red Blend 2018 Clarksburg, California
  • The Latin Root (91 Bright Points) Red Blend Bordeaux AOC, France

2. Winc Wine Club

Winc is the best low-sugar wine club for any wine lover. With over 68 low sugar wines, including roses, reds, and whites, the famous wine originates from popular regions of California and France. Each wine bought comes with a taste note tag that contains more information about what is in the bottle. 

Additionally, Winc also has other options with minimal carbs. Some of the low-sugar red and white wines in the Winc collection include:

  • Point de Passage Red Blend
  • Summer Water Rosé
  • Wonderful Wine Co.
  • Cherries & Rainbows White Wine
  • Porter & Plot Cabernet Sauvignon

3. First Leaf Wine Club

The first leaf is one of the most popular and Award-winning wines at accessible prices. It also offers different varieties of up to 68 double gold and platinum wines. If you are unfamiliar, first leaf wines are rated where 90 points are “outstanding.”

Firstleaf will use subscriber information on tastes of wine they prefer with the help of a unique algorithm. And after having the insights, the subscriber gets the wine directly next to their doorstep. It saves you time to run to the liquor store. 

The low-sugar wine club collaborates with other winemakers and growers, sampling over 10,000 wines a year to bring you the best. Less than 3% of wine tasted made their cut, making it clear that their standards are high. 

Some of their white, red, and rose wine bottles include:

  • Alazules Syrah
  • Comarca Verdejo
  • Beralia White Wine Blend
  • Erste While Pinot Grigio
  • Corsage Chardonnay

All these wine clubs will offer you a great deal of low-sugar wines. The good thing about them is that you don’t have to visit the liquor store because they will deliver your drink to your doorstep. Whether you plan to cut on sugar intakes or stick to your keto diet, you will never go wrong with the listed clubs.

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