Easy Ways to Make Your Free Time Productive

Easy Ways to Make Your Free Time Productive

In this day and age where some people do not even have the opportunity to take a deep breath, you should feel fortunate that you have some spare time on your hands. Indeterminately, instead of just wasting your time sitting around and doing nothing, you should make every moment count by doing something productive that interests you. So, here is a list of some productive things to do in your spare time. You are bound to have a lot of fun!

1. Volunteer for an NGO

One of the most honourable and meaningful ways to spend your spare time would be to work with a local non-governmental organization. If there is a cause that you feel strongly about, there will most likely be no better way for you to spend your free time. There are also several advantages to being a volunteer. There are numerous social evils rampant in society. If you do your bit to combat or even spread knowledge of them, then you are bound to help many people without even knowing it. You can volunteer for tree plantations, child rights, women rights, old-age homes, and so much more.

2. Enrol yourself for a course

Enrolling in a course and completing exams and assignments can help build up your knowledge base as well as your CV. For example, the Open University offers a wide variety of foundation-level courses for everyone to enrol for free. Start learning from their catalogue of courses in history and the arts to society, politics, and law. A free profile on the OpenLearn website gives you access to your learning profile and a record of what you receive while you study. There are various other portals such as Simplilearn, Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera, etc. that connect you to renowned universities and help you gain knowledge for free or a minimal fee. 

3. Watch a movie that has received great reviews

If you have some spare time, one productive thing for you to do is watch a movie that has received a lot of positive reviews. Watch an inspirational or Oscar winning movie which is worth your time. It is a way that most people want to spend their free time, but make sure it is one that is enriching for you.

4. Try different things on social media

When you are using Facebook to communicate with your friends and family, use LinkedIn to keep track of your professional profile. Instead of scrolling through filters on Snapchat, make use of these platforms to make connections and interact with like-minded people on those platforms. Why not sign up for Pinterest (active monthly users 322 million) which is a forum for sharing your creativity in terms of fashion, food, decor, wedding, workout, and DIY-related pins. On the other hand, Reddit and Quora could be better suited to you for being a part of discussion communities, so that you can discover and explore new content. 

5. Try being artistic

If DIYs and gardening aren’t right for you, would you like to do something creative? Art and craft are a beautiful way to express yourself, to learn new skills and to help you see everyday things in a whole new way, and to channel your imagination. You can paint canvases, doodle in a sketchpad, or draw in adult colouring books. Go a step further in this regard and take up knitting, candle making and jewellery making. Explore the numerous websites that provide starter kits and suggestions on the arts and crafts activities that can be tried during this span of increased downtime.

6. Begin to write a blog or about anything of great interest to you

In today’s technological era, countless people across the globe spend their spare time blogging. Your blog could be about a specific niche that interests you. It could be food, sports, movies, travel, social issues, or even books. No matter where your interests lie, or how unorthodox your blog is, make your blog interesting enough to attract a large number of people. If you end up in love with the past time, you might choose to pursue it as a career and make money.

7. Meditate

It is quite common to hear but practised the least by us. In reality, trying to live in this modern world is onerous. It is of utmost importance to spend at least part of your free time in meditation to ensure that you do not crack under pressure and suffer a mental breakdown. People who meditate are those who are better able to live under pressure than those who do not know what to do when things get out of control. It helps you relax your mind and improve your mental health in numerous ways.

8. Try catching up on your sleep again

Those early mornings and late nights that make up our daily routines often take a toll on us. During this duration of own increased downtime, make sure to get enough sleep. Any of the things on this list will help you sleep naturally, make sure you go to bed in a decent time (and not binge-watch on Netflix). Now is the time to make sure that you get 8 hours of beauty sleep a night, and that’s why you feel invigorated.

9. Spend a few moments of silence talking with God

We often forget to connect to our roots and be thankful for where we come from. Many people have forgotten the importance of connecting to the universe. They think they are invincible. In your spare time activities, it includes a point to spend some quiet moments in prayer and to thank God for what he has blessed you with. Even five sincere moments spent in prayer can help you feel lighter and have a better outlook on life. 

10. Create a plan for your self-development

Most of the above-mentioned points focus on non-professional and work-related things that you can do and are still effective. However, from a long-term perspective, it makes sense to also focus on your technical capabilities and expertise that you can give to your employer and prospective employers. We do not know how long the locking phase, or even the pandemic, will last in its current state. The working environment can look quite different when this happens, so your skills and abilities must suit the market and the role you play. Always keep your improvement plan close and work to better your personal and professional situation. Reading books and enrolling in a course could be enough, either way, keep this in mind if there are surprises later.

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