Do You Feel Bothered by Bird Infestation on Your Property? Learn About the Impact of Smells on Them

Bird Infestation on Your Property

While flying white doves look good as imagery, hosting them in and around your property can be difficult. Their poop can be one primary reason for you to detest pigeons’ presence. You get different solutions to shoo them away from your house and to maintain your sanity. However, you may still need to learn about the impact of certain types of smells on them. Cornell University’s scientists suggest homing pigeons have a strong sense of smell that draws them to your house. The aroma emitting from the garbage reminds them of their favorite foods. However, the same reason – strong smell power – can keep them away from your beautiful property. Do you wonder how?

The smell they detest – Methyl anthranilate

Some companies offer an effective bird deterrent for roofs containing methyl anthranilate (MA) scent. The grape seed-based solution is harmless and non-toxic. Both humans and avian species can be safe. It’s just that birds hate the smell, while MA doesn’t affect human olfactory lobes. The smell may linger for some time. But birds will want to maintain distance from this space even after. You can use this product type to eliminate lots of pigeons without much elbow grease. Use the blocks or spread the tiny granules strategically.

The smell they enjoy – Plenty of them

Some smells attract them to your house. For instance, they like sulfur-type odor emanating from slime buildup on stagnant water. Since these birds need dollops of fats for body warmth, a buttery smell is pleasant for them. If they smell buttered popcorn, they will immediately search for it. Even the scent of tea, essential oils, citrus fruits, and cannabis can be a massive attraction for them. Some wonder how terpene odor attracts them when it is also a repellant. The experts say that smaller quantities help them come and go. But a more significant amount of terpene can be overwhelming for them.

Odor repellents vs. other methods

You can expect better results if you use a safe commercial product as instructed. You can be successful in your mission to shoo those pigeons away—the choice of repellent chemical matters. So, pick something carefully. You can use bird spikes like other people. But these work only in the targeted areas. There is a limit to where you can add them. Even sonic devices or scarecrows are temporary stuff. The birds will get used to these things in two days. Some homeowners leave their cats behind them. Again, there is a risk. The greedy cats can attack even other desirable birds. Birds can also find a solution to tackle them. Their standard weapons against cats can be sticks, nuts, and rocks.

When you can apply easy solutions, there is no need to waste more time following methods that offer only temporary or no relief. Bird droppings are nasty, not just for your home’s structure but your health also. Hence, it’s better to watch those birds from a distance and not invite them to your property. Once they find a comfortable spot, it will be challenging to get rid of them without a proper repellant.

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